14 Best Mental Health Exercises Like Meditation

best mental health exercises like meditation

Today I’ve been interviewing all sorts of mental health experts to find out the very best mental health exercises like meditation that are good for your brain. In the list below you’ll find mental health exercises like meditation, journaling, cognitive behavioural therapy, sound baths and much more. Try each exercise to find the best ones […]

Dance Away Stress With Breethe App & Tasha Blank

girl dancing

NEW YORK, May 19, 2020—Meditation app Breethe has teamed up with international DJ Tasha Blank to release guided dance meditations. Breethe is a truly great meditation app on the market, not quite as big as Calm and Headspace but still gigantic in its own right with more than 2035 reviews averaging 4 stars on the […]

Falun Gong Meditation Benefits: What You Need To Know

falun gong meditation

A new study has highlighted the benefits of Falun Gong meditation exercises. The study shows that practicing Falun Gong meditation (Falun Dafa) improves cognitive abilities and emotional processing. It is will established that there are many benefits of meditation. Today, meditation and yoga are the two fasting rising alternative health practices in the world. It’s […]