Teaching Mindfulness To Kids: Expert Advice You Need To Know

black mother and daughter sitting meditating on couch

There are so many wonderful reasons to start teaching mindfulness to kids. Whether they’re toddlers, in elementary school, middle school, or high school, mindfulness can help kids to be healthier and happier. Mindfulness helps kids to manage emotions, concentrate better, perform better in school, reduce stress, and be happier, as explain in this article on […]

Disney Zenimation Let’s You Zen Out On Disney+

disney zenimation trailer

22nd May, California—Disney Zenimation has launched on Disney+, letting families “Zen out” to the most relaxing moments in Disney movies. Everyone is feeling the stress at the moment. And that includes kids and their families. Thankfully, we’ve also seen lots of great producers releasing content to help families to unwind amid the current pandemic. We’ve […]

BBC Releases Your Mindful Garden & More Content For Stressed Kids

bbc kids indfulness app

London, UK—BBC releasing mindfulness content for kids with Your Mindful Garden and more.  On May 7, the BBC released Your Mindful Garden, its first kids meditation app, which was produced after the production company realized the heavy need for mindfulness content both at home and in schools [READ: Mindfulness In Schools] Your Mindful Garden is […]

Yoga For Toddlers Online Yoga Classes Launched

mom and toddler doing yoga

Organic Zoo launcehs new Yoga For Toddlers online classes designed for two-to—four-year-olds and parents. Called “Yoga Mini”, classes start Monday, April 27th. Parents wanting to keep their kids entertained during the pandemic can take the new yoga for toddlers online classes by Organic Zoo, a kids’ brand. Classes will start on Monday April 27th and […]

Sesame Street Meditation Is Cutest Thing You’ll Watch today

cookie monster sesame street meditation

Sesame Street Meditation Is Cutest Thing You’ll Watch today Definitely, the cutest video you will watch today is the Headspace Sesame Street meditation starring the Cookie Monster and Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe. Headspace is teaming up with Sesame Street on meditation videos for kids. The videos will include all your favourite characters, like the Cookie […]

Moshi Sleep And Mindfulness App Raises $12 million to help kids sleep

moshi sleep and mindfulness

“Moshi Sleep And Mindfulness App”, the Moshi Monsters Meditation app, has raised $12 million Series B financing, money which will be used to create content for kids to learn mindfulness and get to sleep British-run Moshi Monsters was a website with over 80 million users that closed down in 2019 because it was running on […]

Gisele Bundchen On Meditation For Parents: “Give To Yourself”

Parent Gisele Bundchen meditating

Gisele Bundchen has spoken-up about the importance of meditation for parents. 39-year old Brazilian model, activist, author, actress and businesswoman Gisele Bundchen says that it is important for parents to give back to themselves by practicing meditation. You’d think that it would be easy being the millionaire wife of NFL player Tom Brady. As celebrities […]

Use Yoga To Improve Male Fertility, Says New Research

yoga for male fertility

New research has proven that is indeed possible to use yoga to improve male fertility. What Science Says About Using Yoga To Improve Male Fertility A study conducted by Hyderabad, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, has shown that yoga improves male fertility and by heightening […]

Mindfulness Toys Kids Will Love In 2020

mindfulness toys for kids

There is a growing trend in meditation and mindfulness toys aimed at kids. But do these so called “mindfulness toys” really help your kids to be more mindful? Or are they just a commercial cash-in? Toys have advanced a lot in the past decade. When I was a young lad, it was all about the […]

How To Teach Meditation In Schools [And The Benefits]

how to teach meditation in schools

I regularly receive messages from teachers asking how to teach meditation in schools. They have read the research and they understand just how beneficial mindfulness and meditation are for kids. Over the past five years, mindfulness programs have become hugely popular with both adults and kids. Listening to meditation music, practicing mindful breathing, using mantras… […]

Kids, Teens Need Meditation For Exam Stress, Says Expert

meditation for kids and teens at school

Will Williams, founder of Beeja Meditation [a specific form of mindfulness], say kids absolutely need meditation to deal with exam stress, as well as the pressure of social media. It’s no secret that stress among kids and teens is at an all time high. The latest research shows that 30% of teenagers feel anxious or […]

How Kate Middleton Used Hypnobirthing Meditation For Labour Pain

kate middleton hypnobirthing meditation for labour pain

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has revealed that she used hypnobirthing meditation for labour pain and to cope with severe morning sickness. While pregnant, the Duchess of Cambridge suffered from   hyperemesis gravidarum, a condition that causes weight loss, electrolyte disturbance and severe nausea. In a podcast interview she stated that the illness made it […]

WTF There’s A Meditation Barbie Now?! (Breathe With Me Barbie)

breathe with me barbie meditaiton doll

This just in from the land of “WTF”: There is now a meditation Barbie called “Breathe With Me Barbie” [available on Amazon] Now, I personally respect anyone who successfully goes through a spiritual awakening. And it appears that Barbie must have done precisely that. Because Barbie has apparently transformed from a materialistic-girl to a meditation […]

How To Design Your Home For Mental Health

a relaxing home design for mental health

The layout and design of the family home can have a direct affect on the mental health of both yourself and your family. Overcrowding, clutter, poorly chosen décor, and certain pollutants can cause anxiety, depression and stress. But there is good news: you can take charge and re-design your home for mental health. There are […]

The 7 Ways How To Cope With Depression In A Marriage

how to cope with depression in a marriage

If your relationship has been difficult recently and emotions are a problem, you will probably want to know how to cope with depression in a marriage.   Feeling sad, depressed, and unmotivated are not uncommon feelings. And you can stop most of these issues by using just a few techniques. For instance, try using meditation for […]

7 Ways Kind Parents Make Kids Feel Good About Themselves

compassionate parents

A child’s self esteem is pivotal to their happiness and wellbeing. You will know whether your kids are okay by checking these self esteem symptoms. All caring parents long to help kids to feel good about themselves. But doing so is not always easy. And many parents make mistakes. One big mistake a lot of […]

10 Mindfulness Exercises For Children With Huge Benefits!

mindfulness meditation for kids

In this guide I am going to share with you my favorite mindfulness exercises for children of all ages. There are so many reasons to start teaching kids to meditate. By practicing some mindfulness exercises kids can focus their minds, improve their health, and feel good about themselves. Caring parents know that there are lots […]

10 Special Buddhist Gifts To Make Them Grateful

list of best gifts for meditation, yoga, buddhism

In this list, I’ll be sharing all the best Buddhists gifts and some great options for meditation and mindfulness lovers.  You’ll find all sorts of beautiful presents guaranteed to put a smile on their face. There’s everything from malas to meditation cushions and more.    Best Gifts For Buddhists & Mindfulness Meditation Lovers  Let’s take […]

Meditation For Fertility To Have a Healthy Pregnancy (with scripts)

meditation for fertility

Millions of families have been using fertility meditation scripts to help to cure infertility so they can start a family. And yes, you can indeed use meditation to get pregnant and have a healthy childbirth. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth states that the experience of giving birth has long term implications for the health and wellbeing […]

Mantras For Pregnancy And A Healthy Baby

hindu child

There are many powerful mantras for pregnancy that you can use to get pregnant and have a healthy baby.    Science shows that chanting mantras can indeed help women to get pregnant. When we recite mantras we create very specific energy vibrations in the body that can lead to inner transformation. Scientific research shows that […]