9 Secrets About Meditation You Need To Know

secrets about meditation

As a meditation teacher, I’m suddenly becoming aware that there are many secrets about meditation that many people are currently unaware of. It’s no surprise. Most people get their basic information about meditation from mainstream media, and mainstream media like to tell you tall tales without explaining the fine details, they miss out the vital […]

When You Meditate What Do You Think About?

woman thinking

When You Meditate What Do You Think About? One of our newsletter followers wrote in today to ask, “When you meditate, what do you think about?” Good question. Thanks for asking. The answer really depends on the type of meditation that you are doing, because some types of meditation do involve thinking, and some involve […]

Here’s What To Do Before And After Meditation

what to do before and after meditation

When you start a mindfulness practise, it’s important to know what to do before and after meditation. There are certain things that you should do before meditation and after meditation so that you can get the most out of your practice. Before meditation is the time to create the right space, get yourself in the […]

What Meditation Should I Do? Picking Your Type

what type of meditation should i do

One of the most common questions I hear as a meditation teacher is “What meditation should I do?” Quiz-type questions can help you to find the best meditation to do. That’s why I’ve shared a little quiz below to help you pick the type of meditation you should do today. If you’ve read my guide […]

Why Does Meditation Make Me Angry? Expert Answers

why does meditation make me angry

One question I sometimes get asked as a meditation teacher is, “Why does meditation make me angry?” If you ever feel angry during or after meditation, you might be surprised. After all, isn’t meditation supposed to help you manage anger? It’s supposed to help you to relax, to be less stressed, and to feel better, […]

Should You Meditate On An Empty Stomach Or After Eating?

should you meditate on an empty stomach or after eating

One of our newsletter readers wrote in today and asked: “Should you meditate on an empty stomach or after eating?” If you’re hungry, is it better to meditate before you eat, after you eat, or perhaps even while you are eating? There are both pros and cons of meditating on an empty stomach. And to […]

How Is Meditation Different From Relaxing Or Sleeping? Expert Answers

how is meditation different from relaxation and sleep

Today, Janine, one of our newsletter followers, wrote in to ask “How is meditation different from relaxing or sleeping?” Thanks for your question, Janine. When we look at meditation VS sleep and relaxation, there definitely are some similarities. For starters, like sleep and relaxation, meditation helps you to calm down and quietens the mind. It’s […]

How Is Meditation Supposed To Feel? Expert Answers

how should meditation feel_

One of our newsletter followers wrote in today to ask, “What is meditation supposed to feel like?” Good question, thanks for asking. I am presuming that you want to know what meditation should feel like so that you can determine if you are meditating correctly. Most people would answer by saying that meditation should feel […]

What Is The Purpose Of Meditation In 2020 Really…?

what is the purpose of meditation

A reader wrote in via our newsletter today and asked a great question: What is the purpose of meditation in Buddhism and in general? There are many different reasons why people meditate, and today meditation is a highly unique thing. It can be applied to health, happiness, work life, athletic performance, and of course spiritual […]

Meditation Lying Down: What You Need To Know

how to lie down in bed mindfully

In this guide, we will be looking at how to meditate lying down in bed, either before bed or simply any time you want to relax and don’t feel like sitting up. A lot of readers have been asking me: Is it okay to do meditation lying down in bed or do you have to […]

Crying During Meditation? Here’s Why Your Eyes Water

Why You Cry During Meditation

A reader wrote in to us today saying, “I’m crying during meditation. What’s going on? Why am I crying during meditation?, I thought it was supposed to make me relaxed and happy, but my eyes wet and I feel all emotional. Please explain what’s happening to me!”  Many people think it’s a problem to be […]