How To Add Meditation To Your Workout To Exercise Body And Mind

pre workout meditation

Doing my pre-workout meditation has completely changed the way I feel about exercising and the way in which I do exercise. Meditating before exercising has given me an increased appreciation of my body and has helped me to take my exercise to a new level. It’s a fallacy that when you meditate, you must sit […]

Erling Haaland’s Meditation Pose, Why Footballers Should Do Zen

erling haaland meditation in football match

Borussia Dortmund football player Erling Haaland knows all about the big benefits of meditation for football players (or “soccer” players, if you’re in the U.S.). Haaland keeps scoring goals, most recently as Borussia Dortmund beat Paris Saint-Germain 2-1 in the Champions League on Wednesday. Haaland is very calm for a football player is currently on […]

Pre-Game Meditation For Athletes To Make You Win

meditation for athletes

There are some many wondrous benefits of meditation for athletes. Pregame meditation can help to focus your mind and get you in the wining mindset so your perform at your best.  Not only can you get better athletic performances from meditation, but meditation can also help with the stress of performing. Being a world-renowned sporting […]

A Buyers Guide To The Best Paddle Boards For Yoga

padde board yoga

If you want to go yoga SUP-ing, you need to buy one of the best paddle boards for yoga. These things rock. A few weeks ago I was stretching my groin in the regular Downward Dog position when it suddenly hit me: it would be far more fun to do paddle board yoga. Paddle board […]

16 Alternative Weight Loss Techniques To Make You Fit

alternative weight loss

There are so many alternative ways to lose weight. And a lot of them are way better than your typical diet and gym routine.  If it feels impossible, I have some alternative weight loss techniques that will change your life.  As a meditation teacher it’s no surprise that I personally used meditation for weight loss. But […]

Yoga For Positive Energy & Thoughts : Poses & Exercises

yoga for positivity

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use yoga for positive thoughts. Plus, how to use yoga for positive energy in your body. There’s nothing quite like using yoga for positive thinking and happiness.When you have positive energy, you feel motivated, you live in the moment, and you enjoy an active life. There are […]

How To Do Meditation While Running [TUTORIAL]

when youre depressed running meditation will heal you

By the end of this article you are going to be doing meditation while running every single day. Why? Because science just proved that when you run and meditate at the same time, some seriously amazing things happen. We already know from sports psychology that there are amazing benefits of meditation for athletes.  But absolutely everyone […]

10 Weight Loss Movies To Make You More Motivated

weight loss movies ong bak

When I lost weight, movies were my main inspiration. I previously wrote a huge guide about how I used meditation to lose weight. Meditation definitely helped me immensely. But I also needed inspiration. Inspiration is massive when it comes to losing weight.  And for me, I found inspiration by watching movies. These movies (below) pumped me up and […]