“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” ― Buddha quote


Welcome to the Food section of The Daily Meditation. In this section we take a healthy and spiritual look at food, cooking and nutrition.

Here’s a look at some of the great content in our Food section.

If You’re Sleeping Less And Eating More, This Is Why

Have you ever notices that when you sleep less you start eating more? There is a scientific reason why that is the case. And if you are trying to watch your diet, you need to know about this.

Take a look at my article, Lack Of Sleep? Eating More? Here’s The Cure.

Why You Should Learn To Cook For Yourself, With A Twist

Do you know how to cook for yourself? If not, then you should definitely learn how to cook for yourself right away.

And if you do already know how to cook, then let me share a brilliant little secret with you. There is a different way how to cook. And when you try it, you will realise why it is simply the best.

What am I talking about? Take a read of my article, Why You Should Learn To Cook For Yourself… With A Twist.

How To Use Meditation For Dieting

As well as discussing food and cooking here on The Daily Meditation, we like to talk about healthy diets and weight loss too.

Our readers love our in-depth guides to using meditation in your weight loss plans.

One of our best guides is How To Use Meditation When You’re On A Diet. This is a total game-changer for anyone on a diet. Take a look.

The Best Diet Books In The World

Speaking of dieting; if you’re on one, you will definitely want to check out my list of the best diet books in the world.

Mindful Eating Guide: Lose Weight With Your Mind

 There’s a mindful eating meme that shows the cookie monster and the quote. “Today me will live in the moment. Unless the moment is unpleasant, in which case me will eat a cookie!” It’s hilarious. I love that mindfulness meme. But it also makes a very important point. Because if we are honest about it, the majority of us do not practice mindful eating. We’re more likely to unconsciously down a tub of ice-cream than we are to mindfully eat a raisin. And it is a serious issue. Mindless eating causes serious health problems, from digestion problems to binge eating…

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Best Addiction Meditation Techniques To Stop Cravings

Let me be honest with you. I have struggled with addictions in my life. And until I learned how to use meditation for addictions, I really had no clue how to handle them. I’ll take you back a little while, and you tell me if this sounds familiar. There was a time in my life, when my mother-in-law died, when my life became incredibly hard. I felt depressed. I lost sleep. It was one of those bad times we all go through. Addictions hit me hard. I’ve never done any serious drugs. But drinking, smoking, and binging on sugar? They…

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How To Get In The Weight Loss Mindset – 5 Tips
Researchers are excited by a new breakthrough. Turns out the key to weight loss is mindset.

How To Get In The Weight Loss Mindset – 5 Tips

To be successful in weight loss, you need to know how to get into the weight loss mindset. Your weight loss mindset is more important than any fad diet or exercise routine. You've probably noticed how in 2019 wellness is too hard. There are thousands of different diets, millions of workouts, and about a billion people trying to tell you how you should lose weight.  Ultimately, if you want to lose weight you have to know how to get your mind in the right place. It's about the way you think. It's about your attitude.   I personally lost 100 lbs through meditation. Meditation, in…

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10 Mind-Foods For Focus. Read This Over A Coffee 
By getting the right nutrition you can boost your brain quickly. Below you can read our guide to the best foods for focus

10 Mind-Foods For Focus. Read This Over A Coffee 

If you suffer from a low attention span, why not try using some specific foods for focus. There are specific what I call "mind-foods" that can have a huge affect on attention span and concentration. Whether you cook for yourself or eat out every night, you can improve your concentration just by getting the right nutrition. While certain foods (mostly sugary snacks) can affect dopamine levels and destroy concentration, healthy foods can do the opposite. Start by cutting out junk food. And the next time you write your grocery list, why not add some of the follow foods to help you focus…

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“Sunlight Diet” — Woman Dies Following Unhealthy Diet.
A woman has died following the sunlight diet. Some fads are just plain evil and stupid.

“Sunlight Diet” — Woman Dies Following Unhealthy Diet.

""Sunligh Diet"-- woman dies after following the unhealthy sunlight diet. But amazingly, more people are on the sunlight diet right now.  right now." A Swiss woman entered unto a spiritual journey for self discovery. Part of her spiritual journey was to change her diet. The specific diet which she was given by her guru yogi was called a “Sunlight diet”. The woman’s guru told her that he had lived for 70 years off of nothing but sunlight. No water. Not food. Just sunlight. The woman, believing in her guru, followed his path and took the same sunlight diet. The woman…

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Niacin For Depression, Mayo Heralding It As A Miracle Cure

The Mayo Clinic is saying that using Niacin for depression is basically a miracle cure. Now look: Smart people know it's best to use natural techniques, not pills. Here's a free guide: Beat Depression Naturally. With Self Help. But sometimes you need a little helping hand. Niacin can help. Niacin is offering hope for millions of people around the world suffering from depression. 6.9 percent of the entire world population has depression. So if niacin can help, clearly it's a big deal. But does it really work? Does niacin help depression, really? Odds are that one of two things are true…

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