These Relaxing VR Games Feel Like A Virtual Meditation Retreat

virtual meditation retreat

With self-isolation closing hotels around the world and preventing travel, it’s time for meditators to look elsewhere. Relaxing VR games offer an experience like a virtual meditation retreat while you’re at home.   We are probably not going to be travelling anytime soon, at least not until the pandemic ends, which could be many months if […]

Future Games To “Shape A Person’s Consciousness”, Says SoundSelf Dev  

soundself game

Austin, Texas—Andomeda Entertainment, a Texas-based video game developer, is working on SoundSelf, a mindfulness game to help you meditate. SoundSelf is a VR meditation game that the developer, Andromeda Entertainment, tells us will feature a “technodelic transformative meditation experience”. Sounds funky! As a meditation teacher I am always both excited but cautious around new innovations […]

UW Madison’s “Tenacity” Reveals Benefits Of Mindfulness For Middle School Students

tenacity game - mindfulness for middle school students

Over the last few years there have been many scientific studies revealing the big benefits of mindfulness for middle school students [READ: Best Mindfulness Activities]. One new study adding to that research is a mindfulness game from University of Wisconsin-Madison, which explores the benefits of mindfulness for middle school students. By now it is well […]