5 Health Benefits Of Rock Garden Landscaping

If you read my guide to making a Zen garden, you might wonder just what exactly the benefits of Rock Garden Landscaping are. After all, the process of making one is totally different to regular old gardening (although I personally love both and find both immensely relaxing). With this type of garden, it’s really not about how beautiful it ends up looking. Instead, the benefit of Rock Garden Landscaping is all in the process of actually making it. It’s not about beauty, it’s not about flowers, and it’s not about functionality [if you’re looking for a really good functional garden…

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How To Create A Garden Meditation Area

 I simply love the energy in a beautiful garden. And one of the best ways to make your garden even better is to create a garden meditation area. A garden meditation area is a relaxing space in which to practice meditation. If you have read my guide to making your home more Zen and creating a meditation space, you’ll know my thoughts on space. Space contains energy can help us or harm us. And when we are on the pathway to enlightenment and trying to evolve our consciousness, it is essential to have the proper spaces in which to meditate.…

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