How To Get Rid Of Bad Karma And Build Good Karma [TUTORIAL]

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Negative karma is one of the main reasons for unfortunate circumstances in life. If you want to change your life, change your karma. Shinnyo Buddhism helps. At the Shinnyo Buddhist Center in New York they teach different types of meditation technique that are used to create Nirvana, to end bad karma and bring good karma. Kindness and compassion are the keys.

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Is This Gratitude Journal The Greatest Gift For Mind And Heart?

This morning a beautiful package arrived at THE DAILY MEDITATION’s office: a box title The Greatest Gift. The Greatest Gift is a new gratitude journal with a twist. It's made by Habit Nest, a company that uses scientific research to help "hack your habits". Habit Nest previously raised funds for The Morning Sidekick Journal, a journal designed to help peak-performers make the most of their lives. This time around they’re releasing The Greatest Gift, which is all about expressing gratitude to one special person in your life. It's a new kind of tool for meditators. It trains us to be…

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10 Birthday Self Reflection Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

There are 10 birthday self reflection questions that you need to ask yourself every year. Self reflection questions are vital if you want to start self improvement.  One of the best times to ask self reflection questions is on your birthday. And guess what? It's my birthday today. I’m turning 35. I'm looking forward to getting my (typically Buddhist) birthday gifts. But more importantly: It’s a time for reflection, a time for looking backwards and looking forwards. I wish birthdays were called "Rebirth-days". Because they are a time of self renewal. Birthdays are a time to let go, and to move…

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