Pratyahara Yoga Techniques You Need To Experience In 2021

pratyahara yoga

In this article, we will be looking at the very best pratyahara techniques and exercises. Pratyahara yoga is the fifth limb of yoga. It’s a powerful way to master your mind, cultivate inner peace, and boost your focus and concentration. While you may have tried some of the many yoga meditation styles, and you may […]

Meditation For Inner Peace To Make You Feel Chill

A tree by the ocean at sunset symbolising inner peace

In this guide, I’ll share all the best inner peace meditation techniques, with scripts, so you can slow and quiet the mind and relax. When we meditate, inner peace comes freely, and we return to a state of pure equanimity (calmness). This creates a quiet mind and slows down thoughts to stop you feeling rushed […]

8 Bruce Lee Meditation Techniques From Taoism

bruce lee taoist medtation article

Did you know, Bruce Lee meditated often, using Taoist meditation techniques. Taoist meditation incorporates various forms of practices including mindfulness, concentration, visualizations and contemplation. These methods are now widely used, especial in martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine. Part of the reason why these techniques have become popular is because of Bruce Lee. Meditation was […]

How To Remain Positive In Difficult Times – 7 Ways

how to remain positive in difficult times

During a tough time of my life, I learned how to remain positive in difficult times. My parents were fighting because of my father’s drinking. At school, I was bullied, beaten and humiliated many times. I longed to escape. So I hid away from the world, secluded into my bedroom, playing Nintendo for hours every […]

Meditation For Anger Management To Control Your Temper

Angry lion

When you’re feeling aggressive, in a temper, and can’t seem to manage your rage, it’s time to start using meditation for anger control. Meditative exercises like mindfulness can change your mindset from hot-headed to calm and composed, so you stop your angry outbursts. Many people are struggling to control anger. The Mental Health Organization Boiling […]

18 Ways How To Be A Free Spirited Person In 2020

let go inner peace

Are you chasing perfection Is it stopping you from being happy? Would you be happier if you learned to let go? In this self improvement article we look at things to let go of to improve your inner peace.

Apan Mudra: Steps, Benefits, & Side Effects

apan mudra

The apan mudra is hasta mudra (hand gesture) that helps to stimulate the flow of apana vata, one of five subtypes of vata, located in the pelvis and related to the large intestines, urinary system, and reproductive system.     The primary effect of the apana mudra is to free the flow of the second of […]

How To Meditate To Sarva Mangala For Khechara

feel deep inner peace with tantric goddess sarvamangal

When we meditate on tantric Goddess Sarva Mangala we receive Khechara and we find deep inner peace. Sarva Mangala (who you can read about on TheMotherDivine) is peaceful, calm and quiet. It is said in the ancient texts that she often visits people when they meditate. Then, she may confer upon the meditator khechara. Sarva […]

Ashwini Mudra – Steps, Benefits & Precautions


Ashwini Mudra is a hand position that is used in yoga. There are many benefits of Ashwini mudra, which I will share in this guide. You’ll also see the steps and instructions for performing “Horse Gesture” correctly. “Ashwini mudra” is a Sanskrit term that translates to “Horse Gesture.” The reason why it is called Horse […]