How Nearly Dying Taught Me So Many Yoga Life Lessons

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I woke up on the ground with my skin pressed up tightly against the steaming Arizona sand. The sun beating down upon my cracked head with all eyes on me, waiting for any movement from my body. There I was, smashed into the grand canyon floor by a falling rock. I had been working in the Grand Canyon on a volunteer trail crew for the summer of 2017, trying to find my life's path and purpose in the great outdoors. I spent nine days at a time being fully immersed in nature and the next five days off in Flagstaff,…

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How To Be Mentally Strong And Happy All Day Long

Everybody wants to know how to be mentally strong and happy all day long. It's easy sometimes. Sometimes, life feels like breeze.  But just when you start smiling some bullcrap comes along and tears your day to pieces.  Well not today.  Because today I am going to share 18 tips to show you how to be mentally strong and happy all day long.   I will show you how to wake up positive and happy How to stay happy through the day And how to go to bed happy.  Try the tips below. And let me know if they help you…

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How To Control Emotions By Meditating And Raise EQ

A few years ago I had no clue how to control emotions. I had rage, jealousy, sadness... you know, all the negatives.   When I was fourteen I was at a friend's mother's funeral when I suddenly felt overcome with emotion. But instead of crying I laughed out loud. The old lady next to me glared at me in disgust. I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I obviously hadn't meant to be offensive. It was my emotions coming out in an awkward way.  Social moments like these are commonplace for the billions who are unable to control their emotions.      "Your ability…

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Best Self Motivation Meditation Techniques To Fire You Up Today

When you want to know how to get motivated, meditation and other self motivation techniques should be your go-to.  Self Motivation techniques can mean the difference between a kickass day and a day wasted in front of the TV.  Listen: Sometimes we are all lazy. Sometimes we need help overcoming procrastination (READ: How to overcome laziness). But other times you really want to kickass.  Here's how to do it  How self motivation techniques like meditation train your mind If you want to develop the success mindset, you need to know how to motivate yourself everyday.  The trick is to train…

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