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She Used Yoga For Intuition To Literally Escape A Jungle. Here’s How

If you have ever wonder about the power of yoga for intuition, or if you’ve ever wanted to tap into your own intuition, the story of one yoga teacher's escape from a Hawaiian jungle will surely inspire you. It’s the story I woke up to this morning. Opening my mail at THE DAILY MEDITATION’s office today I was struck by the news of a yoga teacher who used her intuition to literally escape a Hawaiian Jungle. I wanted to know how [and I've answered that question below]. Yoga instructor Amanda Eller, 35, headed out for a nice hike on May…

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44 Meditation Quotes To Inspire You

Oh boy do we love inspiring quotes here at THE DAILY MEDITATION. There are so many famous quotes about meditation , yoga, and similar subjects. That's why I wanted to do something different. So I wrote my own inspiring quotes. It would mean the world to me if you, our readers, could leave a comment and let me know which of these inspiring quotes is your favorite. And remember to share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! &nbsp 44 Inspiring Quotes About Yoga, Meditation And The Mindful Life Checkout the best Buddhist quotes too! 1. All truly great thoughts are conceived…

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10 Weight Loss Movies That Inspired Me To Lose 100LBS

When I lost weight, movies were my main inspiration. I previously wrote a huge guide about how I used meditation to lose weight. Meditation definitely helped me immensely. But I also needed inspiration. Inspiration is massive when it comes to losing weight.  And for me, I found inspiration by watching movies. These movies (below) pumped me up and made me excited about becoming fit and healthy. But guys, remember to also use the special tip for  weight loss motivation. How movies give you the weight-loss mindset It's been proven that to get in shape you  need to have the  weight loss mindset. But how do…

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