Why Is Meditation Good For You? Science Answers

why meditation is good for you

As a meditation teacher, one of the most common questions I hear is “Why is meditation good for you?”. It might seem strange that the simple practice of sitting still with your eyes closed, focus on your breath, could have so many health benefits. After all, it’s not like you’re doing any physical exercise, so […]

Meditation, Self Love, Essential For Mental Health Says Study

meditation, self love and menta health

Meditation increases self love and this improves our mental health, says new study. It has been known for millennia that there are many benefits of meditation for mental health. Buddhists monks knew that over 2500 years ago. And over recent years scientific research has shown that meditation does indeed improve mental health. However, it is […]

Loving Kindness Meditation Script [What You Need To Know]

loving kindness meditation

The Buddhist Loving Kindness Meditation Script (Metta meditation script) is a prayer (or simply words) that we use for developing kindness and compassion. It is one of the most important Buddhist techniques for beginners.  The technical, Buddhist name for this technique is Metta Bhavana, metta meaning compassion and bhavana meaning cultivating. Metta Bhavana (Buddhist Loving […]

Revealed: The Staggering Importance Of Compassion In Life

the importance of compassion

Scientific research highlights the staggering importance of compassion in life. Not only is compassion important for our health and happiness, it can even have a significant effect on our careers and our personal lives. For millenia, spiritualists have touted the importance of compassion in life. You’ll find exegeses on compassion in the Bible, in Buddhist […]

Buddhist Compassion Meditation (Karuna) Scripts & Benefits

buddhist compassion meditation

Many of my students ask me what the best compassion meditation technique and scripts are. Simple: Karuna meditation. Karuna meditation (compassion meditation) is one of the traditional forms of Buddhist methods, and is used to cultivate self-love, as well as love for others. When we practice Karuna meditation, we are cultivating the quality of benevolence. […]

How To Get Rid Of Bad Karma And Build Good Karma [TUTORIAL]

how to get rid of bad karma

Negative karma is one of the main reasons for unfortunate circumstances in life. If you want to change your life, change your karma. Shinnyo Buddhism helps. At the Shinnyo Buddhist Center in New York they teach different types of meditation technique that are used to create Nirvana, to end bad karma and bring good karma. Kindness and compassion are the keys.

Forgiveness And Meditation: The Magic You Need To Know

Use this meditation for forgiveness techniques

I love using forgiveness meditation scripts. Techniques like meditation and mindfulness can help when you need to forgive someone, to forgive yourself, or to ask for forgiveness from someone else. Forgiveness is a virtue and a character strength that helps us to maintain happiness and even benefits our health. And of course, it can help […]

10 Philosophical Benefits Of Aikido Meditation For Life

woman doing aikido on beach

Like mindfulness and meditation, Aikido is a practice that teaches us to have self discipline and to live in the moment. Aikido is a martial art full of life lessons to learn. This article explores the philosophy of Aikido and how the martial art teaches us to live in harmony with ourselves and with the world around us.

How Your Personal Hygiene And Mental Hygiene Effect One Another

how to improve personal hygiene and mental health

There is an interesting link between personal hygiene and mental health. When you improve your mental hygiene, you improve your cleanliness automatically. Bizarrely enough, mental hygiene is almost identical to personal hygiene. Both come down to unconscious actions. The primary cause of bad hygiene habits is unconscious movements, like putting your finger in your mouth. In other […]

10 Powerful Mantras For Love And Marriage

mantras for love

There are many powerful mantras for love, attraction, marriage and for navigating through divorce that you can use to enhance your relationship and to truly enjoy your experience with your partner. In our beginners mantra tutorial we shared all the best mantras. Many readers requested more mantras for love that they can use either to […]

10 Inspiring Spiritual Wisdoms We Thought You’d Share

  10 Everyday Evils That True Spiritualists Fight To Put An End To

Here are 10 inspiring spiritual wisdoms we think you will share with us. These will help you go deeper in spiritual practice.  1. Nothing Matters More Than Stopping Harm, To Animals, People Or The World [bctt tweet=”Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul lays unawakened” username=”t_d_meditation”] One of the main spiritual […]

How Meditation Works—Breakthrough Studies Reveal Everything


Have you ever wondered how meditation works? If so you’re not alone. World renowned scientists have been studying the process of meditation to see how mindfulness effects the brain. Crazy thing is: Scientists are baffled. They cannot workout how meditation works. When the Dalai Lama invited the Mind and Life Institute to visit India to […]

15 Ways Of Helping People With Depression To Recover Their Health

how to help people with depression

  When it comes to helping people with depression, there’s a right way and a wrong way. But first: Thank you for being one of the people who wants to help someone with depression. You’re one of the special ones. There is a right way how to help someone with depression and a wrong way. […]