Meditation For Fear To Become Fearless In Life

how to remove fear from mind by meditation

When I started using meditation for fear and worry, I learned how to stop dwelling on possible problems in my life. I used a combination of meditation, CBT, mudras and mantras for fear, and they massively reduced my anxiety. These techniques can help you to live a fearless life, which is essential for these reasons: […]

18 Ways How To Be A Free Spirited Person In 2021

let go inner peace

Are you chasing perfection Is it stopping you from being happy? Would you be happier if you learned to let go? In this self improvement article we look at things to let go of to improve your inner peace.

How To Have A Positive Attitude Towards Life So Everything Feels Easier

make life easy

When you know how to have a positive attitude towards life, everything feels so much easier.  Life does not have to be hard. There are ways to make life easy. Yes, I know, conventional wisdom says that life is hard. I beg to differ. We can make life easy if we choose to. It’s all  […]

When, Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off, This Magic Hack WILL

hard word doesnt pay off

It is hitting me like a softball in the groin today that hard work doesn’t pay off. Studies prove it. Year on year wage-earners are working harder for longer and making a lower percentage of the money [1]. For my entire life, I have been attempting to make myself successful, and it has never quite […]

How To Overcome Past Memories That Keep Coming Back

painful memories mindfulness

I used to wonder: Why does my past keep coming back in memories? And I’d look for ways how to overcome part memories. I would constantly relive the same memories over and over. But then I learned how to change that.   You have the power to change your memories of the past. And in so doing […]

What The Buddhist Mara Demon Teaches Us About Life And Attachments

Budhist mara demon art

Do you know the story from Buddhism of the mara demon and Buddha? It is a Buddhist teaching that is all about freeing your mind To free your mind, you need to know how to stop what Buddhism calls the Mara (demon) from controlling you. Just like how Buddha stopped Mara. While the Buddha was […]

Use These Meditations To Let Go Today Because It’s Time

meditation for letting go

My father’s passing was a very difficult time in my life. In this article I will share 5 meditations for letting go that helped me at that time.  There have been many times in my life when I have chosen to use meditation for letting go. The most recent time when I really needed to let […]