10+ Life Lessons You Will Love In 2018

In this section we look at life lessons from all manner of different sources. Here you will find life lessons learn while meditating life lessons from Buddhism, life lessons from stories, even life lessons from Star Wars and other movies.

We figure the best way to learn about life is from all different corners of the globe and from all different cultures. That’s why we take a holistic approach we’ve these life lessons.

Here are some of our best Life Lessons articles

3 Life Lessons That Stories Teach

There is a science to storytelling. As a novelist I have written about the science and techniques of storytelling many times. And I firmly believe that stories are the number one way of learning anything.

Whether it’s a movie, book, or game, you can learn valuable lessons from stories. Take a look at my Top 3 Life Lessons That Stories Teach to find out more.

14 Life Lessons From Buddhism

Buddhist texts are absolutely packed full of life lessons. And while I believe in a non-secular approach to spirituality, I also believe that it is a good thing to learn from different religions and from religious stories.

There are many life lessons that Buddhism teaches us. And 14 of them are particularly important. Which 14? Find our in my article, 14 Buddhist Wisdoms You’d Be Wise To Remember.  And you might also like to read about these 3 Life-Changing Buddhist Beliefs.

Top 10 Life Lessons Learnt Meditating

The Daily Meditation is, of course, all about meditation. So naturally I wanted to share my top ten life lessons that I have learnt while meditating. Take a look.

Star Wars

“Do or do not, there is no try.”

“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

“Let the Wookie win.”

What’s the best thing Star Wars taught you?

Here are my personal best life lessons from Star Wars.

And now for even more…

How Nearly Dying Taught Me So Many Yoga Life Lessons

  • yoga

I woke up on the ground with my skin pressed up tightly against the steaming Arizona sand. The sun beating down upon my cracked head with all eyes on me, waiting for any movement from my body. There I was, smashed into the grand canyon floor by a falling rock. I had been working in the Grand Canyon on a volunteer trail crew for the summer of 2017, trying to find my life's path and purpose in the great outdoors. I spent nine days at a time being fully immersed in nature and the next five days off in Flagstaff,…

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10 Philosophical Benefits Of Aikido Meditation For Life
Aikido is a peaceful martial art that inspires self discipline, love and compassion.

10 Philosophical Benefits Of Aikido Meditation For Life

Like mindfulness and meditation, Aikido is a practice that teaches us to have self discipline and to live in the moment. Aikido is a martial art full of life lessons to learn. This article explores the philosophy of Aikido and how the martial art teaches us to live in harmony with ourselves and with the world around us.

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10 Birthday Self Reflection Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

There are 10 birthday self reflection questions that you need to ask yourself every year. Self reflection questions are vital if you want to start self improvement. One of the best times to ask self reflection questions is on your birthday. And guess what? It's my birthday today. I’m turning 35.  But more importantly: It’s a time for reflection, a time for looking backwards and looking forwards. I wish birthdays were called "Rebirth-days". Because they are a time of self renewal. Birthdays are a time to let go, and to move on. I am about to do some fantastic birthday self…

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How To Overcome Past Memories That Keep Coming Back

You have the power to change your memories of the past. And in so doing you can create a brighter and happier tomorrow. Here's how to overcome past memories that keep coming back to you. Everyone in the world has at least one painful memory from the past. But if you're reliving painful past memories over and over again, it is time to stop the vicious cycle. You need to overcome bad memories. You need to remember happy ones instead. You may think that your painful memories are karma and that maybe you did something bad in the past. If…

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How To Create Your Own Self Improvement Plan That Actually Works

If you want to do a successful self improvement plan, you've got to know how to avoid failure.  Listen: We both know the truth about this. Self improvement plans often do not work. I conducted a survey on Facebook years ago and asked 1000 people how they did on their most recent self improvement plan (this was when I used to run a self improvement website called LifeAndSelf). 97.8 percent of people said their self improvement plan fell "far short of expectation". Here's the truth: You've read all the self improvement books before. You've tried various tips and techniques You've…

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