Mindfulness & Meditation For Obesity: Feel Good, Look Good

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Researchers have revealed new research that shows the benefits of mindfulness meditation for obesity. In this guide we will share everything you need to know. The Researchers, a group of psychologists from Birmingham University, have developed a suite of tools that look into the effect of mindfulness meditation for obesity and how meditation can help […]

Mindful Eating App Feast Launches With Food Tracking

mindful eating app feast

LOS ANGELES, July 14th – If you’ve been looking for a new way to get into mindful eating and you enjoy using meditation apps, the Feast app will be perfect for you. Feast, a food-lovers community, announced today that they have launched their new mindful eating app. It’s designed to help turn calorie counting into […]

Psychiatrist Reveals How To Use Mindfulness For Hunger Cravings

mindfulness for hunger cravings

Judson Brewer [author & psychiatrist] spoke to The Daily Collegian, Tuesday, about how to use mindfulness for hunger and cravings. In an insightful article he discussed his insights from years of study at Yale, MIT and Brown University about how mindfulness can rewire the brain in order to retrain negative habits. We all have negative […]

Meditation for Weight GAIN To Pack On Pounds

meditation for weight gain

It is well known that meditation can help with weight loss. However, you can also use meditation for weight gain. It all depends on the type of technique you do. Research has shown that meditating can both increase and decrease metabolic rate.  The metabolic rate is the rate at which the body burns calories. It can […]

Breakthrough Study Reveals Impact of Mindfulness on Eating Disorders

mindfulness for eating disorders

A new study has revealed the staggering impact of mindfulness on eating disorders. There are more than 30 million people in the U.S who suffer from some form of eating disorder. And every 62 minutes one person dies as a result of it. Indeed, eating disorders have the highest death rate of any mental illness, […]

Mindful Dieting Led To His 60 LBS Weight Loss Transformation

mindful dieting weight loss transformation

Mindful dieting was the key to Jeremy Bromwell’s 60LBS weight loss transformation. When Bromwell, 38, was left incapacitated after a terrifying motorcycle accidence, he changed his relationship with food, learned to eat mindfully, and ultimately lost a staggering 60LBS. It’s a truly inspiring weight loss transformation, and one that was created from a heighten consciousness […]

Mindful Eating Meditation: Techniques, Benefits & Scripts

mindful eating

 In this guide, I will show you all the basics of mindful eating, including a mindful eating script and the benefits of mindful eating.  What Is Mindful Eating? An Explanation Mindful Eating is based on the concept of mindfulness. Mindfulness is an originally Buddhist term and comes from the Sanskrit word Sati that means Awareness. […]

10 Powerful Mudras For Weight Loss To Make You Shred Weight

mantras for weight loss

Did you know you can use mudras for weight loss to help you get in shape, look good, and feel great about losing weight. These weight-loss mudras can also help with other aspects of losing weight, such as motivation and stress. It’s been scientifically proven that the hand positions used in Hinduism, yoga and Buddhism […]

16 Alternative Weight Loss Techniques To Make You Fit

alternative weight loss

There are so many alternative ways to lose weight. And a lot of them are way better than your typical diet and gym routine.  If it feels impossible, I have some alternative weight loss techniques that will change your life.  As a meditation teacher it’s no surprise that I personally used meditation for weight loss. But […]

10 Weight Loss Movies To Make You More Motivated

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When I lost weight, movies were my main inspiration. I previously wrote a huge guide about how I used meditation to lose weight. Meditation definitely helped me immensely. But I also needed inspiration. Inspiration is massive when it comes to losing weight.  And for me, I found inspiration by watching movies. These movies (below) pumped me up and […]

When You’re Depressed After Losing Weight, Do This

depressed after losing weight

The last thing you expect is to be depressed after losing weight. But as we discussed in my big guide to curing depression, depressive thinking can happen for the weirdest reasons. After all, the average person experiences around 35000 negative thoughts per day. One of the weirdest situations is when we feel depressed after losing […]