Meditation For Being Present in the Moment [Script]

Meditation Script For Being Present

My present-moment meditation script will help you to develop present-moment mindfulness and to increase your focus. Being present in the moment means being mindful. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing the mind on the present moment without judgment. Mindfulness is imperative for both health and happiness. Research from Emily K. Lindsa et. al. [University of Pittsburgh] […]

Guided Grounding Meditation Script To Earth You Today

grounding meditation script

In this meditation session, we will be using a grounding meditation script to make you feel earthed.  So what is grounding meditation? Technically speaking, grounding is when we create a connection between the body and the mind’s electrical frequencies and that of the Earth’s. But generally, when people say they feel grounded, they mean they […]

Dispositional Mindfulness Guide—Develop The Trait Of Awareness

dispositional mindfulness woman sitting meditating

What’s better between mindfulness and mindfulness? Trick question. The two types of mindfulness (dispositional mindfulness or “trait” mindfulness, and state mindfulness) are both excellent for our health. However, it’s important to understand the difference between the two, and we meditators really should practise both of them. If you want to get the most out of your […]

Virtual Mindfulness Community Helps Depression, Anxiety [Research]

mindful community people touching hands

  Over the past few years, we’ve seen the rise of many mindfulness communities around the world, with notable mindful communities in Toronto, Houston, New Orleans and other cities, and some specialising in communities for blacks and women. New scientific research reveals big benefits of mindfulness community intervention for stress, anxiety, and depression, and especially […]

Mindful Hypnotherapy For Stress—Research Reveals Benefits

mindful hypnotherapy

Waco, Texas, U.S—New research by Baylor University reveals benefits of mindful hypnotherapy for stress. Research conducted by Baylor University in Waco, Texas and published by International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, shows positive results of using mindful hypnotherapy for stress. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing the mind on the present moment without judgment. […]

Mindfulness VS Meditation: Are They The Same Thing?

mindfulness vs meditation

As a meditation teacher, many of my students ask me, “Are mindfulness and meditation the same thing?” The difference between mindfulness and meditation can be a little confusing. The reason is that there are actually two different definitions of mindfulness. One is the original Buddhist meaning of the word. “Mindfulness Meditation” is an actual form […]

How I Meditate With My Cats Every Day And Why

black cat

I absolutely love to meditate with my cats. My three little babies, Willow, Sebastian, and Pumpkin, are such angels. Each one of them is beautiful and has their own unique personality.  Pumpkin is the “lad” of the house and a real boy-cat. Sebastian is the most beautiful cat in the world and looks and acts […]

Daily Mindfulness Routine Suggestions From Dr. Oz & Dr. Roizen

dog walks can be part of a daily mindfulness routine

Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen have some great suggestions for your daily mindfulness routine. While we are all stuck at home because of the current situation, it is all too easy to slip into a state of stress and mindlessness. To counteract this, it is important to develop a daily mindfulness routine that helps you […]

Famous Rugby Players Giving Mindfulness Lessons For Free

harlequin rubys free mindfulness lessons

Twickenham, U.K—Harleguin F.C rugby club is giving free online mindfulness lessons to help support mental health. When you think about meditation you probably don’t think “Rugby”. Mindfulness and meditation are more often associated with either spiritual gurus or girls in yoga pants. But stereotypes be damned, because now, the lads over at Harlequin F.C rugby […]

Mindfulness For Anxiety Classes Free Right Now Via Hopkins

Washington—Hopkins offers free classes in mindfulness for anxiety to its community. Hopkins is currently giving free classes in using mindfulness for anxiety to its community. Classes are led by Neda Gould, [Director, Mindfulness Program at Johns Hopkins]. Guided meditations are given three times a week to help participants handle anxiety. Anytime I hear good news […]

Developing Mindfulness Skills Is Natural As We Age, Says Research

old woman smiling

Adelaide, Australia—New research from Flinders University shows that developing mindfulness is a natural part of aging.   Getting old usually brings with it many challenges, but one benefit of aging, according to Flinders University, is that we natural develop mindfulness skills. [READ: Mindfulness For Beginners] Healthy aging researchers state that when we compare older people […]

MY COVID-19 Isolation Meditation Challenge For You

mindful self isolation

Looks like now is the perfect time for an isolation-meditation challenge…  Unless you’ve been living in a silent retreat like Jardeo Leto for the past 12 weeks, you probably know that COVID-19 is spreading, and self-isolation appears to be the key to saving lives. That’s why I’ve created my Isolation Meditation Challenge for you. [READ: […]

Mindful Lego Is All The Rage Now, Especially In Birmingham

mindful lego

“Mindful LEGO” is one of the rising trends in the ever-burgeoning niche of mindfulness. One event in Birmingham UK proves just why we cannot get enough of mindfully putting LEGO blocks together. Take a look around this site and you will find literally hundreds of different mindfulness activities to try. One thing I didn’t see […]

5 Mindful Photography Exercises You’re Not Creative Enough To Try [Maybe]

mindful photography exercises

In this guide, we will look at the best mindful photography exercises for beginners. Mindful photography (sometimes called Contemplative Photogoraphy or simply Slow Photography) is taking a stand against the current trend of mainstream competitive photography. It’s not about the one-upmanship or the desire to take the “best photo” and be number one. It’s a […]

Breakthrough Study Reveals Impact of Mindfulness on Eating Disorders

mindfulness for eating disorders

A new study has revealed the staggering impact of mindfulness on eating disorders. There are more than 30 million people in the U.S who suffer from some form of eating disorder. And every 62 minutes one person dies as a result of it. Indeed, eating disorders have the highest death rate of any mental illness, […]

Mindfulness Helps Prevent Addiction Relapse, Says New Study

mindfuless for addiction relapse

A new study has shown that mindfulness helps prevent addiction relapse. [READ: Meditation For Cravings] Addiction is recognised as a disease that has a debilitating effect on the suffering, causing everything from depression and anxiety to social problems. Many people with addictions struggle to quit in the first place. The nightmare that often happens, however, […]

Dan Harris Has Great Ideas To Make Mindfulness A Daily Habit

dan harris making mindfulness a daily habit

Dan Harris, the author of 10% Happier and the man behind its corresponding app, recently spoke to ABC about ways to make mindfulness a daily habit. It’s something many of us struggle with. We know from science that mindfulness and meditation are excellent for our health. The sheer list of scientifically proven benefits of meditation […]

Mindful Dieting Led To His 60 LBS Weight Loss Transformation

mindful dieting weight loss transformation

Mindful dieting was the key to Jeremy Bromwell’s 60LBS weight loss transformation. When Bromwell, 38, was left incapacitated after a terrifying motorcycle accidence, he changed his relationship with food, learned to eat mindfully, and ultimately lost a staggering 60LBS. It’s a truly inspiring weight loss transformation, and one that was created from a heighten consciousness […]

5 Best Mindful Cookbooks with Buddhist Recipes (Yummy!)

mindful cookbooks for buddhist cooking

As a meditation teacher and amateur chef, there is nothing I love more than a good mindful cookbook or Buddhist cookbook so I can take my meditation practice to the kitchen. Mindful cooking combines the two things I love most. Preparing traditional Buddhist food in a mindful way is a treat for both the mind […]