Meditation For Productivity And Focus So You Get Stuff Done

meditation for productivity

In this guide, we’ll be looking at using meditation for productivity and focus. Whether you’re trying to improve your career, get coursework done, or be more productive in general, start using meditation for productivity and focus. Scientific research has proven that meditation improves productivity [1]. This is one reason why major companies like Google are […]

How Beliefs Affect Your Life, Changing Your Perception Of Reality

how beliefs affect life chaning perception of reality

How do beliefs affect our lives? You might be surprised to hear that your beliefs affect your life in every way. Because from the time you are born, beliefs shape your perception of the world. And your perception is your reality. That is why it is of the utmost importance  we notice our own beliefs […]

Mindset For Success: How You Can Get It, And Why You Need It

king piece on chess board, a symbol of success in life

If you want to succeed, you need to have the mindset for success. All these habits will help you to develop the success mindset. Enlightened people know that success is a mindset that is created through habit. When we think, live, and act in enlightened ways, we become better human-beings, and we increase the number of successes […]

How To Remain Positive In Difficult Times – 7 Ways

how to remain positive in difficult times

During a tough time of my life, I learned how to remain positive in difficult times. I used certain techniques to overcome pessimism and the negativity bias so I could stay optimistic and happy. Pessimism can be a real dangerous, not just to your mood but to your health. Research from Martin Seligman at the […]

Health Benefits Of Positivity And Happiness Proven At Last. Scientists Shocked

health positivity happiness

Breakthrough study from Stanford University reveals the amazing health benefits of positivity. Research from University of California: Irvine shows there are health benefits of happiness too, Positive thoughts have a profound affect on our life and longevity. People who think they are healthy will live significantly longer than people who think they are unhealthy. Doctors […]