What You Seriously Need To Know About Meditation And Sleep

There is a fascinating link between meditation and sleep. When you understand that link between sleep and meditation, you will become a better meditator and get higher quality sleep. For many of us, sleep is an emotional and sometimes even contentious subject. Many of us feel like we don’t get enough sleep (whether that’s because of stress, insomnia or simply lack of time). Others find it difficult to drag themselves out of bed at all, living with issues such as depression or fatigue which can make it feel as if we are sleeping life away.  As people continue to struggle…

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How To Do Meditation Lying Down The Correct Way

A lot of readers have been asking me: Is it okay to meditate lying down. This really is an interesting question. And it’s a question that will split opinions. Obviously if you are meditating to get to sleep at night, it’s a no-brainer: meditate while lying down. But what about at other times? Is it okay to just abandon proper seated meditation in exchange for lying down? It depends. Why Meditating Lying Down? Let me ask you a question: why do you want to meditate lying down? Sure, meditating in bed is one of the best ways to meditate at…

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