How Yoga / Stretching Can Relieve Jaw Tension and Provide TMD Pain Relief

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More people are turning to yoga for pain relief. This includes pain in the back, shoulders, backs, hips, and yes even the jaw. There are several yoga practices that you can use to relieve tension in the jaw, thus providing lasting pain relief. Further, jaw pain may be spreading through your neck, muscles, and even down to your lower back. Jaw pain is often the result of a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) [1]. This serious condition affects millions of Americans each year and can be difficult to treat. Often, simple over-the-counter pain medications fail to provide adequate pain relief and…

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How To Use Yoga For Back Pain Relief [TUTORIAL]

Many people are successfully using yoga for back pain relief.  Yoga offers many benefits to the body in a variety of ways. A few minutes of practising can make you aware of tension and imbalance in your body. You will begin to align your body and bring back balance. Just as there are specific ways to use meditation for back pain, there are specific ways to use yoga for back pain relief too.  There are poses that you can learn over time that will help to alleviate back pain. Science shows that there are lots of reasons to use yoga…

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Here’s How To Correct Your Meditation Posture For Back Pain And Bad Knees

It is essential to have good meditation posture. Back pain and knee pain will result otherwise.  Good news is this: There are good meditation positions for back pain.  And there are good meditation positions for knee pain.  And it really isn't that hard to fix the problem. One simple solution is to get a wooden meditation chair with back support / knee support. (I recommend this one) As meditators, we spend a long time sitting. After all, sitting meditation is one of the main positions used in meditations. But if you have bad meditation posture, back pain and nee pain will…

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9 Dangerous Side Effects Of Meditation You Need To Be Clued In On

Did you know: there are serious health risks of meditation. Side effects of meditation are many. And you seriously need to be clued in on them. Many people know about the common side effects of meditation, many of which are very minor, such as the fact that some techniques can make you cry a lot).  But as science continues to examine the effects of this ancient old practice, we are uncovering some alarming potential dangers of meditating.   Most media outlets have been entirely focused on the 100 benefits of meditation.  However, there is a flip-side, and in this article I would…

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