How To Use Yoga For Back Pain Relief [TUTORIAL]

Many people are successfully using yoga for back pain relief.  Yoga offers many benefits to the body in a variety of ways. A few minutes of practising can make you aware of tension and imbalance in your body. You will begin to align your body and bring back balance. Just as there are specific ways to use meditation for back pain, there are specific ways to use yoga for back pain relief too.  There are poses that you can learn over time that will help to alleviate back pain. Science shows that there are lots of reasons to use yoga…

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Meditation: How It Helps Your Spine

In this article, doctor Brent Wells explains how to use meditation for spinal health... Meditation is better than medication, according to recent studies. Meditation, which is the art of training your attention and awareness, could change your spinal health for the better. It’s a practice that has numerous benefits for your mind and body, including your spinal health.  Meditation is the practice of becoming aware of your body and mind during restful poses. The idea is to observe in the moment, in order to understand your mind and find positive states of being. It comes from the Buddhist tradition of…

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