Yoga For Wheelchair Bound Patients [TUTORIAL & BENEFITS]

Nina giving a lesson in yoga for wheelchair bound patients

Buckinghamshire U.K. – WheelPower releases educational videos about adaptive yoga for wheelchair bound patients. WheelPower, a UK based organisation helping people with physical impairments, has released videos about adaptive yoga for wheelchair bound patience. Adaptive yoga is a type of yoga that teaches the core principles of yoga for people with physical impairments and other […]

How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Sexual Life In Your 40’s [GUEST POST]

mindfulness sexual life

[Sexual health Guest Post] If you’ve been looking for tips for your love life, here’s a good one: mindfulness can improve your sexual life in your 40s and beyond. Many people turn to mindfulness practices to make them feel less stressed, more confident, and happier. Mindfulness also helps people to cope with some mental health […]

Why yoga postures are the easiest solution to align your spine [GUEST POST]

yoga for back pain relief

[Health Guest Post] If you are reading this article while sitting in a chair or resting on your bed or sofa painlessly, it’s because your spine is letting you. It is one of the most important parts of the body for movement. Without tis proper functioning, you can’t stand or sit in an upright position, […]

Ultimate Guide To Yoga For Back Pain Relief

yoga for back pain relief

One of the most common reasons people get into yoga is for back pain relief. Yoga is a mind-body therapy that can help alleviate spinal discomfort and associated stress. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, approximately 80% of people will experience back pain problems at some point in their life [1] […]

Meditation: How It Helps Your Spine [GUEST POST]

meditation for spinal health

In this guest post, doctor Brent Wells explains how to use meditation for spinal health… Meditation is better than medication, according to recent studies. Meditation, which is the art of training your attention and awareness, could change your spinal health for the better. It’s a practice that has numerous benefits for your mind and body, […]

16 Alternative Weight Loss Techniques To Make You Fit

alternative weight loss

There are so many alternative ways to lose weight. And a lot of them are way better than your typical diet and gym routine.  If it feels impossible, I have some alternative weight loss techniques that will change your life.  As a meditation teacher it’s no surprise that I personally used meditation for weight loss. But […]