Meditation Positions For Bad Back & Knee Pain

knee back pain when sitting meditating

There are serious health risks of improper meditation positions for bad backs and bad knees. Sitting with bad posture puts a strain on your body that can cause injured knees and backs. The good news is this: There are good meditation positions for back pain. And there are good meditation positions for knee pain. It […]

16 Meditation Chairs We Love In 2020

best meditation chairs

In my list of the best meditation chairs, I’ve included all the best meditation seats for you based on your individual needs. Meditation chairs are one of the most important types of furniture to buy [READ: Best Yoga Furniture]. Meditation chairs are so important because they help you be in the right position for meditation. […]

7 Meditation Positions You Need To Know

meditation sitting positions

What are the best meditation positions for beginners? And do you need to use the traditional Buddhist meditation sitting position? Your meditation posture is incredibly important. Not just for your body, but for your mind too. Whether you’re meditating sitting on a meditation chair, a mat, or the floor, you need to have proper meditation […]

Best Meditation Cushions For Bad Knees & Backs

meditation cushion guide

In my list of the best meditation cushions to buy, you’ll find Zafus, Zabutons, pillows and mats to use for meditation and yoga¬† If you’re a serious meditator, you need a good meditation seat to help you to meditate in the correct sitting posture. The best meditation cushions offer back support that corrects your posture. […]