Best Yoga & Meditation Podcasts 2020

best yoga meditation podcasts 2020

What are the best yoga and meditation podcasts of 2020? Ever since meditation became a multi-billion dollar industry in 2019, the industry has exploded. We’ve seen the rises of yoga and meditation apps, games, and yes, podcasts. And a lot of them are truly exceptional.  As a meditation teacher, I listen to meditation podcasts every […]

Best Online Meditation Courses 2021 [Chosen By Meditation Teacher]

best meditation courses 2020

What are the best online meditation courses and  the best online mindfulness courses in 2021? There are so many online meditation courses available (both free and paid). As a meditation teacher I find it a really exciting time for the movement. More people are learning meditation now than ever. And thankfully, there are some truly […]

Meditation Starter Kit Recommended By Our Expert

meditation starter kit with chair,, mala and book

A good meditation starter kit, with all the items you need to start meditating, will help to ensure that you can practice meditation successfully. The good news is that you really don’t need that much equipment in order to start meditating [READ: How To Start Meditating At Home]. There are lots of new meditation tools. […]

Why Everyone’s Loving Asutra Yoga Mat Detox Cleaner In 2020

With the new focus on hygiene in yoga, everyone has been loving the Asutra yoga mat detox cleaner, which helps you to practice good hygiene in yoga classes. Even though we might not be doing yoga in actual yoga classes these days, it is still important to maintain good hygiene in your yoga practice. On […]

Why The Best Meditation Music Ever Is Happening Right Now

meditation music

The best meditation music ever is being release right now. Meditation music has existed for thousands of years, ever since spiritualists started using sound healing instruments.  But it’s about to take a huge step into the future. Meditation music has historically been about instruments like gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls. Monks would sit and meditate […]

Soon You Won’t Be Able To Buy Yoga Or Meditation Products   

buying yoga meditation products

Yoga mats and resistance bands have been rising up Amazon’s bestsellers list amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Self-isolation means everyone is working out at home, and one of the most popular ways of working out is with yoga [READ: 28 styles of yoga list]. But while the demand for yoga products is hot, Amazon may be […]

How to Meditate with Amazon Alexa, Echo Mindfulness Skills

mindfulness meditation skills alexa echo

Amazon Alexa and Echo’s mindfulness skills can help you to meditate at home. If you have been following THE DAILY MEDITATION, you will know that there’s tons of great mindfulness devices out now.  They range from headbands like MUSE to apps like Calm and Headspace. Amazon’s Alexa and Echo now have a whole host of […]

Apps Like Calm, Headspace for Work? You Need to Think Twice

clam headspace for work

Employers are sinking their teeth into meditation apps like Calm and Headspace for work-place stress and employee happiness. But while the likes of Andy Puddicombe [Headspace co-founder and Buddhist monk] might suggest that Headspace and similar apps are the best solution for the workplace, there are serious limitations to these apps. Companies’ interest in meditation […]

JUST BREATHING App Wants To Teach You To Breathe Better

just breathing app`

A new mobile yoga and meditation app named after the yoga meditation Breath Of Fire, would like to teach you to breathe better. As you probably know, Breath Of Fire (Kapalbhati pranayama) is one of the breathing meditations used in yoga. And now it is one of the main exercise in a new meditation app: […]

8 Best VR Meditation Apps Chosen By A Meditation Teacher [2020]

vr meditation apps

It was only a matter of time before we started to get VR meditation apps. Virtual reality brings innovation to meditative techniques and can be used to complement your current practice. As a meditation teacher, it is always exciting to see new meditation products entering the market. Of course, there are tons of great meditation […]

Best Meditation Blogs That You Need To Read In 2020

best meditation blogs

What are the best meditation blogs of 2020? In 2020there are so many excellent meditation blogs you can follow. They range from serious meditation blogs to more fun and quirky ones. Of course, if you want to follow a meditation blog, you can start by signing up for our very own newsletter. We have tons […]

7 Best Spiritual Apps We Love In 2020

best spiritual apps 2019

What are the best spiritual apps of 2020? If you’ve read my list of the best meditation apps, and VR meditation apps, you already know there are tons of amazing spiritual apps on the market today. Whether you’re a Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Christian or other, there are plenty of applications on iOS and Android to […]

Best Tibetan Singing Bowls For Sale Today — How To Choose

best tibetan singing bowls for sale online

Best Tibetan Singing Bowls For Sale Online Let me show you the Tibetan Singing Bowls for sale online that I recommend. As a meditation teacher, I have bought lots of bowls online, so I know what’s good and what isn’t. I’ve divided these by price point so you can easily choose the best  one for […]

6 Best Mala Bead Necklaces And Bracelets For Sale In 2019

best mala prayer beads

Today we are going to be looking at the best mala beads necklaces and bracelets for sale online. And I will help you to choose which one to buy. In my big guide to Buddhist prayer bead malas I revealed everything there is to know about different types of malas and their meanings. If you […]

8 Best Items Of Eco Friendly Yoga Gear [List]

recyclable yoga gear

If you need proof that yogis are the most environmentally friendly people on Earth, just look at the amount of eco-friendly yoga gear on the market today. There are: Eco-friendly yoga pants Eco friendly yoga mats Eco friendly bags Eco friendly yoga blocks Recycled yoga chairs And o’ so much more. Let’s take a look […]

How To Use Prayer Beads For Meditation Properly [TUTORIAL]

If you are new to meditation you might wonder how to use prayer beads for meditation the right way. One of the most beautiful and most popular items worn for meditation and yoga are mala necklaces and bracelets, otherwise called prayer beads. These prayer beads are far more than just decorative. They are one of […]

7 Best Meditation Devices You Will Absolutely Love In 2020

Meditation TECH

What are the best meditation devices for 2020? There are lots of excellent new devices for meditators, including: Meditation apps like Calm / Headspare Meditation head-bands (see below) Therapy systems Meditation pods Wearable tech with meditations Home décor devices like meditation lamps  Meditative virtual reality environments As a meditation teacher, many people ask me about […]

Are These The Best Yoga Blogs In The World?

top yoga blogs

We are proud to present TheDailyMeditation award for the world’s top yoga blogs. Has your site found its place in our list of yoga blogs? If so be sure to let your readers know the good news! (article shortlink:  )  Without further ado; the top 100 yoga blogs in the world. Checkout our list of top […]

Best Yoga Chairs And Yoga Ball Chairs 2020

best yoga chair

To practice chair yoga safely, while protecting your body, you need one of the best yoga chairs or balls. These offer support while you exercise, which helps to keep you safe. Just like with meditation, where you need a good meditation chair to keep your posture right, you need a good yoga chair or yoga […]

How To Choose Mala Beads To Buy For Meditation

mala beads

In this guide, we will be looking at how to choose meditation mala bead to buy  as well as how to, cleanse and meditate with mala beads (which are also called “prayer beads”). Here’s what we’ll look at: How To Use mala beads How To Choose Mala Beads Benefits Why there are 108 beads on […]