Mindfulness Meditation for Schizophrenia Disorders

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Berlin, Germany—New research from the University of Berlin reveals benefits of mindfulness meditation for schizophrenia disorder. New research conducted by the University of Berlin and the Centre for Mental Health at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, shows mindfulness meditation can help with schizophrenia disorder. Researchers created an interview guide to help people […]

Mindfulness And Forgiveness: New Research Shows Crucial Link

researchers find link between mindfulness and forgiveness

New scientific research reveals a pivotal link between mindfulness and forgiveness. Research published in the journal Emotion shows that people who practice mindfulness are more able to forgive, and that mindfulness can be a therapeutic treatment for people who are struggling to forgive others. The benefits of forgiveness are well documented. They include the facts […]

Meditation VS AntiDepressants: I Can’t Decide So I’ll Do Both!

meditation vs antidepressants

Many people wonder about how meditation and antidepressants work together? Can you use meditation to replace antidepressants? Can you meditate while on antidepressants? And in a meditation vs antidepressants showdown, which one wins? In an idealistic world we would say that meditation can replace antidepressants. After all, it certainly is possible to successfully use meditation […]

Meditation, Self Love, Essential For Mental Health Says Study

meditation, self love and menta health

Meditation increases self love and this improves our mental health, says new study. It has been known for millennia that there are many benefits of meditation for mental health. Buddhists monks knew that over 2500 years ago. And over recent years scientific research has shown that meditation does indeed improve mental health. However, it is […]

How To Explore Your Mind To See Your True Self

how to explore your mind

If you want to see the inner truth of your own being, you need to know how to explore your mind.  The best way to explore your mind is with meditation.  And at first, that might sound a little backwards…. Years ago, when I was a wide-eyed philosophy student, there was a conversation after class […]

Thought Stopping Exercises: Expert On What You Need To Know

thought stopping exercises

Have you been considering using thought stopping exercises to quieten your mind? If so, you might be wondering, “does thought stopping work?” In my experience as a meditation teacher, the more I try to forcefully stop my thoughts the worse they get. I find it impossible to completely stop thoughts. And science backs this up. […]

How Beliefs Affect Your Life, Changing Your Perception Of Reality

how beliefs affect life chaning perception of reality

How do beliefs affect our lives? You might be surprised to hear that your beliefs affect your life in every way. Because from the time you are born, beliefs shape your perception of the world. And your perception is your reality. That is why it is of the utmost importance  we notice our own beliefs […]

How To Achieve Self Actualization With Meditation [TUTORIAL]

meditation for self actualization

If you want to reach your highest self, I’ve got five meditations for self-actualization that will help you to get there. The term “self-actualization” was coined by psychologist Abraham Maslow in the 1950s. It means to achieve the fulfilment of our highest needs. Fulfilling these needs, Maslow said, leads an individual to achieve their ultimate purpose. […]

When You Combine Meditation With CBT You’ll Be Stunned By Results

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Meditation and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) are two highly popular exercises among the spiritually awakened and the scientifically educated. Good news is this: When you combine meditation with CBT you get some seriously mind-blowing effects. We’ll get to that inn a second. First, let’s look at what CBT and meditation are, and why if you’re […]

4 Meditations For Bipolar Disorder That Help Give You Control

meditation for bipolar disorder

Good news: There are some excellent meditations for bipolar disorder that science suggests could cure bipolar disorder. This condition is an incredibly painful illness both for the individual suffering from it and for their friends and family. However, meditative practice can help alleviate the symptoms of the condition and create stability in mood, reducing the […]

10 Vicious Gaslighting Techniques You Need To Be Clued In On

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Are people in your life using gaslighting techniques on you? Gaslighting tactics, says Jackson MacKenzie, author of Psychopath Free, are used to manipulate people in relationships. Gaslighting in relationships is sickeningly common. And you might be a victim of it. Here are the signs of gaslighting in relationships: You feel like your relationships are insecure. You […]

Open Awareness Meditation VS Focused Attention Meditation [Explained]

focused attention effortless presence

In this article, we will look at open-awareness meditation VS focused attention meditation, and explain what the difference is. When it’s all said and done, there are only three mind-states used when focusing in meditation: Focused attention, open awareness, and effortless presence. Let’s look at the differences. Focused Attention, Open Awareness, And Effortless Presence Meditations […]

How To Change Your Mind From The Outside In

simple qay to change yourself -- buddha quote

Today, scientists have shared with us a proven and simple way to change your mind: start from the outside in. It turns out that inward changes do not equate to outwards changes. Actually, outward changes equate to inward changes. If you want to change your mind you have to start by changing your actions. This […]

Revealed: The Staggering Importance Of Spirituality In Life

what is the true meaning of spirituality

Science has revealed some staggering facts about the importance of spirituality in life and what it means to be spiritual in 2020. If you’re unhappy or unhealthy, spirituality can help. But the masses still turn their noses up to spirituality, partly because they confuse it with religion, and partly because there have been some spiritual […]

How To Use Meditation To Control Emotions Quickly

meditation to control emotions

Before I start using meditation to control emotions, I was full of rage, jealousy, sadness and other negative feelings. Lack of emotional control Not only does a lack of emotional control cause psychological distress, but it also causes social nightmares. When I was fourteen, I was at a friend’s mother’s funeral when I suddenly felt […]

5 Best Meditations For Decision Makers To Clarify Your Mind

meditation for decision making

In this article, we will be looking at the 5 best meditations for decision-makers. If you’re a leader, manager or you just happen to wear the trousers, these meditations will help you make better decisions and to decide on whatever tough choices you’re facing. There are very many powerful cognitive benefits of meditation. One of […]