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A Guide To Meditate Relaxation Techniques

Do you meditate? Have you tried yoga, tai chi, qi gong, and other relaxing techniques? If so, we’d love to know which ones worked for you. And which ones worked for us? Well find our the relaxation techniques that we recommend the most in this guide.

The Best Relaxing Meditation Techniques

Nine Round Breathing

One of the most relaxing meditation techniques is Nine Round Breathing. This is a fabulous technique in which you focus your mind while taking deep breaths. It is oh so simple, and will make you relax so deeply you forget everything.

Read our guide to Nine Round Breathing

How To Quiet Your Mind And Produce Peace

Ever wished you could quiet your mind and produce peace? Well now you can with this guide. Whether you’ve had a hectic day at work or you’re fed up with house chores, use this quite to quickly quiet your mind and product peace.

Read How To Quiet Your Mind And Produce Peace.

Our Latest Relaxation Articles

Best Meditation Devices 2019

What is the best meditation device for 2019? There are lots of excellent new tools for meditators, including: Meditation apps Meditation head-bands (see below) Therapy systems Meditation pods Wearable tech with meditations Home décor devices like meditation lamps And of course the classics like Tibetan Singing Bowls As a meditation teacher, many people ask me about the efficacy of these meditation gadgets. So I will share my thoughts in this post. So, what are the very best meditation gadgets and devices for 2019? Let’s take a look. 7 Best Meditation Devices, Gadgets And Oddities  Shopping for another? See our choices…

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Ultimate Guide To Mindfulness Exercises For Beginners

There are many mindfulness meditation exercises for beginners you can use to stay in the moment.  And in this guide I am going to show you how and why you should use them.   As a meditation teacher I am often teaching new mindfulness exercises for beginners. I have seen first hand just how these exercises can change lives.  They can make us calmer, happier, more productive, and more peaceful.  Everyone who has tried my  beginners meditation guide knows how much of a difference mindfulness can make in life. And not just for us adults, but for our kids too [read…

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Use These 3 Mantras For Sleep Tonight
Are you struggling to get to sleep at night. Do you wish you could drift off to sleep easily? There are many great mantras for sleep that you can use to relax your mind and body.

Use These 3 Mantras For Sleep Tonight

When you know the best sleep mantras you will be able to stop any sleep problems you've been experiencing.   I'll show you how in this guide. Plus, you will probably want to read my guide to using meditation to cure insomnia.  What are sleep mantras? Sleep mantras are a type of mantra that are used to help you to get to sleep at night. (You can learn a lot more about mantras by reading my ultimate guide to mantras.) It has been proven that reciting a mantra for twenty minutes will help you to relax your mind and to get to sleep…

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How To Quiet The Mind With Meditation [TUTORIAL]

Want to know how to quiet the mind? Meditation is the answer.    Listen: Have you ever wondered why Buddhist monks are peaceful, and why Buddhists meditate to quieten their mind every single day?   Because when you spend all day rushing around, getting nothing done productively, you start doing too much thinking and you feel rushed and stressed. Do you feel rushed? Do you feel stress? Are you suffering from anxiety? [read: Best Meditations For Anxiety] If you have anxiety, it's time to quiet the mind with meditation (and a few other tips too). Let Me Show You How To Quiet The Mind…

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How To Do Anapanasati Meditation Technique Correctly [TUTORIAL]

Anapanasati meditation technique. Of all the techniques covered in our guide to 31 different types of meditation, this is perhaps the most important.  As a meditation teacher, this is the meditation techniques I teach the most. Now let me shw you how to do it properly.  Here's What We Will Look At In This Tutorial On Anapanasati Meditation Technique  By the end of this guide, you will know how to do Anapansati correctly, and this will give you the power to stay calm no matter what life throws at you. In this guide we will look at: How to do…

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Meditation Pods For Sale At Last. Worth Buying One?

Meditation pods are finally for sale on Amazon. But is it actually worth buying a meditation pod?  These things are basically the future. They are probably the best meditation gadget you could own. They look like they've come right out of Start Wars. When you first see a meditation pod, you’ll probably think you’re on the set of Star Wars Episode VIII. That’s because most meditation pods look uncannily like a spacecraft. To be a nerd; they specifically look like an escape pod. That’s a surprisingly fitting term, actually. An escape pod is precisely what this is. You sit back…

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How To Meditate To Sarva Mangala For Khechara

When we meditate on tantric Goddess Sarva Mangala we receive Khechara and we find deep inner peace. Sarva Mangala (who you can read about on TheMotherDivine) is peaceful, calm and quiet. It is said in the ancient texts that she often visits people when they meditate. Then, she may confer upon the meditator khechara. Sarva Mangala [1] is said to be able to confer upon those that meditate with her the quality of khecara, which is sometimes translated as “floating freely under the vault of the sky.” “Floating freely under the vault of the sky” is a beautiful way of…

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6 Proper Breathing Techniques For Meditation [TUTORIAL]

You need to know the proper breathing techniques for meditation to work properly.  There are lots of different breath meditations for beginners to try.  As a meditation teacher, I am constantly surprised by how many meditators do not know the proper breathing techniques for meditation.  It's a big problem.  When you are a beginner learning meditation it can be hard to know which of the 31 top meditation techniques you should do. There are just so many different choices. But the best place is to start with some easy breath meditations for beginners. You can do them at home. They're…

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How To Do Full Body Scan Meditation Like Jon Kabat Zinn
By practicing body scan meditation you will become aware of signals from your body. This will help cravings, addictions and emotions. And best of all, body scan meditation is easy to do!

How To Do Full Body Scan Meditation Like Jon Kabat Zinn

The full body scan meditation is a powerful and unique meditation technique that you can use to increase your mind body connection. Both Zen monks and professional athletes use body scan meditation to make themselves more conscious of their bodies. In this guide to body scan meditation I'll show you everything you need to know, including the technique of body scan, the benefits of it, and the best guided meditation video. Introduction to Body Scan Meditation (Jon Kabat Zinn Method) If you've looked at our guide to the more than 700 different meditation techniques, you might have noticed that body…

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Zen Walking Meditation Technique Instructions And Benefits [TUTORIAL]

If you love to walk and are often looking for new places to go, or new ways to walk, you will absolutely love Zen walking meditation. And if you're looking for a relaxing hobby. Well, it really doesn't get any better than this. Let's take a look at Zen walking meditation technique and the many physical and mental health benefits that it offers. Or, if you're new to Zen, get started with my introductory guide to Zen meditation. "Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it." -- Rumi  Why Do Zen Walking…

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10 Best Relaxation Meditation Techniques To Soothe You

What are the best relaxation meditation techniques? As a meditation teacher, a lot of people ask me that question.  So here goes: Buddha taught mindfulness as the best relaxation meditation technique Mindfulness.  You've probably heard of it. And Buddha taught that it's the best relaxation meditation technique. Buddha taught that good living starts from within and that when we are happy and relaxed we are at our best. And while today there are tons of great tools—see my list of relaxing VR apps— there is still nothing better than meditation for a inner peace and serenity. Science confirms that meditation relaxes the…

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How To Do A DIY Meditation Retreat At Home

When you can't get away for a spiritual vacation to India, try a meditation retreat at home. I used to feel crappy because I could never afford a meditation retreat. But then I made the clever decision to turn my own home in to my meditation retreat. And let me tell you: best thing ever. Look at it this way: you can go on a meditation retreat for a week, and after the retreat you're back home in exactly the same space, feeling the same way you used to. Or you can do a DIY meditation retreat at home. You…

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