Plum Village Virtual Meditation Retreat Taking Bookings Now

plum village monastery buddhist monks (1)

Plum Village, the Buddhist monastery created by Thich Nhat Hanh and Chan Khong in 1982, has started taking booking for its online meditation retreat. Thich Nhat Hanh [Vitenamese Thien Buddhist monk and peace activist and one of the best meditation teachers ever] once dreamt of creating an online monastery, and now it is happening. The […]

New Online Wellbeing Series From Ananda [Guest Post]

ananda in himalayas

Ananda’s new wellbeing series launches online to offer health and healing during lockdown. Increasingly, health and wellbeing facilities are being moved online, and we are seeing the rise of online yoga and meditation classes. Although some countries and states are starting to lowering restrictions on health facilities like gyms and spas, many people are still […]

Take A Virtual Yoga Retreat with Nihi Sumba Live Stream

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Indonesia—If you can’t get away because of the pandemic, you can always take a virtual yoga retreat with Nihi Sumba. With everyone currently locked up inside like our parents have grounded us, many people are looking for ways to feel like they’re on vacation while they’re self isolating at home Since the current lockdown we’ve […]

Wealthy Ignore COVID-19 Guidelines At Luxury California Resort  

california resort

California, U.S—A resort in California is offering a retreat from coronavirus self isolation, with yoga, meditation, wellbeing activities, and more. If you’re bored of being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, you can always book a holiday to Southern California, where a resort is offering a luxurious retreat to get away from the coronavirus […]

Do Yoga With Sloths At Nayara Gardens This Spring Break

sloth in nayara gardens

You know that spring break is right around the corner. And what better way to spend Spring Break than by doing yoga with sloths and other animals. Nayara Gardens in Costa Rica offers yoga with the animals this spring break. The Nayara Gardens in Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica, is a rainforest that is […]

SolePath Institute Opens New Mindfulness Retreat In Calgary

new mindfulness retreat in calgary

CALGARY, Alberta, Marcs 4th. SolePath Institute is opening a new mindfulness retreat in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the institute announced via a press release Wednesday. The SolePath Institute is dedicate to helping people use mindfulness and meditation to  overcome stress. The Institute provides guidance for those searching for their path, in order to help them progress […]

DIY Meditation Retreat At Home [How To]

diy meditation retreat

When you can’t get away for a spiritual vacation to India, try a silent DIY meditation retreat at home. I used to feel crappy because I could never afford a meditation retreat. But then I made the clever decision to turn my own home into my meditation retreat. And let me tell you: it’s the […]

12 Different Types Of Retreats You Can Experience

different types of wellness retreats

Have you noticed how many different types of retreats there are these days? A shortlist includes: Meditation retreats Yoga retreats Spa retreats Spiritual retreats  Wellness retreats Adventure retreats And digital detox retreats I personally love wellness retreats. They offer so much more than your typical package holiday. I believe that a good holiday should restore […]

Best Yoga Retreats For Beginners 2020 – How I Choose Mine

best yoga retreats for beginners how to choose

What are the best yoga retreats for beginners in 2019? Well, that answer totally depends on you. You see, yoga retreats are a very personal thing. We all book yoga retreats for our own individual reasons. For some it is the sheer passion of the practice. For others it is an opportunity to get away […]

Best Meditation Retreats 2020: Expert On What You Need To Know

best meditation retreat

As a meditation teacher, a lot of people ask me what the best meditation retreat in the world is. In 2020, wellness vacations are a hot topic. And mindful resorts are one of the most popular types of wellness retreats. You can find them in America, in Canada, in Europe, and of course, in the […]