Benefits of Dispositional (Trait) Mindfulness For Health

college girl smelling flower and being mindful

Ohio, U.S. –New research has revealed significant benefits of trait, or dispositional, mindfulness for health, sleep, and other aspects of wellbeing. Mindfulness is the state of being consciously aware in the present moment. There are two forms of mindfulness. The first is the traditional Buddhist meditation called mindfulness, which is a technical form of meditation. […]

GUEST POST: Cali School Use Mindfulness for Student Stress Management

students stress management with mindfulness

Schools in California are using mindfulness to help with student stress management. Studies show that breathing exercises help students cope with stress so they can better focus on studies. The pandemic and racial tensions has caused an escalation in stress at school and many education leaders are turning to mindfulness to help students manage stress. […]

Meditation For School Stress: Breaking Research Reveals Huge Benefits

students sitting in school with anxiety

Massachusetts, U.S—Research by MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research highlights benefits of meditation for school stress. [READ: Meditation For Stress] A neuroscience study conducted by MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research has shown that mindfulness meditation reduces stress in schools. A school-based mindfulness intervention can significantly reduce perceived stress and modulate brain activity in the […]

Gray’s Bill To Cut Yoga from Spiritual Roots As Schools Fight Multiculturalism

alabama bill yoga in schools

Schools in the U.S are struggling to accept the historical, spiritual roots of yoga. A new bill will seek to cut yoga from its spiritual roots as parents demand that Hinduism not be referenced in public school classrooms. The “Alabama Bill” that was past in 1993 made it illegal for schools in Alabama to teach […]

How They’re Teaching Mindfulness To Kids At An Elementary School In Washington

mindfulness for kids

NBC recently published some videos in which they spoke to experts about how to teach mindfulness to kids in elementary school. The show looked at everything from mindfulness exercises for kids, to Tibetan Singing Bowls and tai chi. Dr. Maurice Olfus, Author and Tai Chi Champion, spoke to NBC, Wednesday, about the benefits of Tai […]

Big Benefits of Yoga for School Anxiety, Says New Study

yoga for anxiety in school

A new study by has revealed the staggering effect of yoga on student’s anxiety in school. The rate of stress and anxiety among children and teens is increasing, especially at school. The rate of growth in anxiety is fueled largely by pressure at school, bullying, and the impact of social media. Increasingly we are seeing […]

Kids, Teens Need Meditation For Exam Stress, Says Expert

meditation for kids and teens at school

Will Williams, founder of Beeja Meditation [a specific form of mindfulness], say kids absolutely need meditation to deal with exam stress, as well as the pressure of social media. It’s no secret that stress among kids and teens is at an all time high. The latest research shows that 30% of teenagers feel anxious or […]