How I’m Using Meditation To Become My Ideal Self, Not “Actual Self”

meditation for ideal self

Recently I’ve been using a meditation for my ideal self and to overcome my idea of my “actual self”. As you’ll know if you follow our newsletter, there are many different types of meditation. New types are discovered and created all the time. I wrote just the other day about one of my  new meditations, […]

Meditations For Studying To Make You Better At Exams

meditation for studying

As a meditation teacher, many of my students are interested in using meditation for studying. They’ve heard that meditation makes studying easier, that it improves concentration, and that it can help to improve exam results. And all of that is one hundred per cent true. Scientific research (see below) shows that there are many benefits […]

How To Achieve Self Actualization With Meditation [TUTORIAL]

meditation for self actualization

If you want to reach your highest self, I’ve got five meditations for self-actualization that will help you to get there. The term “self-actualization” was coined by psychologist Abraham Maslow in the 1950s. It means to achieve the fulfilment of our highest needs. Fulfilling these needs, Maslow said, leads an individual to achieve their ultimate purpose. […]

3 Reasons You’re NOT Happy (a Buddhist view)

why youre unhappy buddhism

Why are you unhappy? And what does Buddhism teach you about how to be happy? In this article, R.J shares his insights.  (Author: R.J from from Mindful Moments, a blog about mindful tips).  The oft-quoted, “Happiness comes from within,” makes for some great refrigerator art, but what does it actually mean, and how does one […]

Massively Increase Your Productivity With Meditation And These 10 Tips

person stacking zen stones representing meditation and productivity

When you need to be productive, meditate. You seriously will not believe the effective of meditation on productivity. Let me show you how to do it. How To Use Meditation For Productivity Did you know that there are some seriously powerful cognitive benefits of meditation. One of the main benefits is that meditation helps productivity, […]

7 Magic Meditations For Success In Life

meditation for success

In this guide, I’ll share all the best meditations for success in life, with scripts. With these, you can develop the mindset for success and achieve your goals. As a meditation teacher, many people ask me whether meditation can be beneficial for business success, relationship success, and success in other areas. And the answer is […]

10 Best Self Help Books For Women To Read In 2018

self help books for women

There are hundreds of self help books for women, written by some of the most inspiring gurus in the world. Some are excellent. some are okay. Some are a complete waste of time. And some actually led to such crazy (and harmful) ideas as forcing yourself to think positively all the time. Women’s self help books […]

21 Best Depression Self Help Tips To Break Out Of Depression Naturally

how to break out of depression naturally

When you know the best depression self help tips, you will know how to break out of depression naturally. There are excellent self help tips for depression that will cure you fast and naturally. Studies such that meditation helps depression arguably more than anything else (take a look at that link for a free guide), […]

15 Best Self Help Books And Self Help Gurus Ever

self help gurus

Who is the best self-help guru ever? There have been so many self-help gurus and books through the years who have changed our lives with their self-improvement plans. But who is the best self help guru of all time?  Or is it one of these inspiring spiritual bloggers instead? Here’s my list of the best […]

How To Create Your Own Self Improvement Plan That Actually Works

self improvement plans

If you want to do a successful self improvement plan, you’ve got to know how to avoid failure.  Listen: We both know the truth about this. Self improvement plans often do not work. I conducted a survey on Facebook years ago and asked 1000 people how they did on their most recent self improvement plan […]