Sleep Meditation Script : Fall Asleep In This Quick Session

sleep meditation script

In this meditation session, I’ll share my favourite sleep meditation script. This script will help you to get a good night’s rest and catch the Zzzz’s you need to wake up feeling refreshed. There are many benefits of meditation for sleep, as you can read below, and this script will help you to experience all […]

Why Does Meditation Make Me Tired & Sleepy?

man in bed tired after meditating

As a meditation teacher, many of my students ask me, “Why does meditation make me tired and sleepy”? And recently, I’ve been noticing that I myself have been getting tired after meditation. I’ve been meditating for more than fifteen years and never before did it make me tired, until just recently, Ever since the pandemic, […]

Powerful Guided Meditation for Improved Sleep

girl listening to guided meditation

Did you know you can get a better night’s rest by using guided meditation for sleep.  Many people have trouble with sleep at some point in their lives, it’s just part of the human experience. The anxieties, stresses and distractions of modern life mean that often, when our heads hit the pillow, we start to ruminate […]

Yoga For Sleep: Expert Advice You Need To Know

redhead woman practicing yoga in bed

Are there any benefits of yoga for sleep? One of our email subscribers recently wrote in to ask how yoga could help them to overcome insomnia. I wanted to create an authoritative answer to that question. And so I asked numerous experts—including yoga teachers, psychologists, and therapists—how yoga can help you get to sleep at […]

Meditation Techniques For Sleep To Stop Insomnia

meditation for sleep

Before I started using meditation for sleep I would lie awake at night with restless thoughts, unable to doze off. I’d tried everything from counting sheep to breathwork, but none of it worked until I started meditating. By using meditation, insomnia gradually reduces and I found that I was naturally able to get a good […]

Meditation Lying Down: What You Need To Know

how to lie down in bed mindfully

In this guide, we will be looking at how to meditate lying down in bed, either before bed or simply any time you want to relax and don’t feel like sitting up. A lot of readers have been asking me: Is it okay to do meditation lying down in bed or do you have to […]

Meditation For Nightmares To Stop Bad Dreams

yoga and meditation for nightmares

If you’ve been suffering from nightmares or vivid dreams, one solution is to use yoga and meditation for nightmare-relief. Millions of people around the world have been suffering from nightmare since the start of self-isolation, and dreams have been becoming ever more vivid. Maybe it’s a scary dream about your teeth falling out, a dream […]

Get Your Kids To Sleep With Calm Kids Bedtime Stories

calm kids bedtime stories

Calm Kids has a series of relaxing bedtime stories for kids to help them get to sleep at night. Do you ever struggle to get your kids to calm down before bedtime? American Family Physician states that up to a staggering 50% of children face difficulties getting to sleep at night, and that 10% to […]

Probably The Best Sleep / Meditation App, But There’s A Better Way

relaxing melodies sleep meditation app

There is a new sleep and meditation app on the market that is recommended by doctors. It’s called Relax Melodies and it’s promising to help even the worst insomniacs get to sleep at night. Meditation is current being touted as one of the best natural ways to get to sleep at night. And many of […]

How To Stop Falling Asleep During Meditation

how to stop falling asleep during meditation

As a meditation teacher, one of the questions people often ask me is how to stop falling asleep during meditation. It’s a very common occurrence. You’ve had a busy day, you’re tired, you know you need to meditate, so you lie down and shut your eyes. Perhaps you practice some deep breathing techniques or you […]

Mantra For Sleep To Get The Rest You Need

mantras for sleep

Recently I’ve been using some excellent mantras for sleep and oh my goodness have they helped me to get a good night’s rest. The best sleep mantras can help you to relax and unwind before bed, to stop insomnia, and to get those all-important Zzzzzzs that you might have been missing. Ive also used some […]

Dreaming Of Someone Dying Or Dying AGAIN Means THIS

dreaming of someone dying

Have you been dreaming of someone dying? Or dreaming of someone dying again? Perhaps your mother, father, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife? Are you wondering what it means when you dream about someone dying or dying again when they has already past? If they are alive, does it mean they will die? Could they be […]

Tai Chi Meditation For Beginners: What You Need To Know

tai chi on the beach

In this guide we’ll be looking at how to do Tai Chi meditation for beginners. Two of my favourite meditative practices are Tai Chi meditation and QiGong meditation. Beginners who are just starting to get into these techniques will probably want to know what all the fuss is all about. Simply put: There are huge […]

Lucid Dream Meditation Techniques For Nocturnal Consciousness

meditation for lucid dreams

Did you know: There is a specific Tibetan Dream Yoga exercises that is the very best lucid dream meditation technique. It is one of the rarer yogic meditation techniques. But you might like to try it tonight. (I’ve also include a guided meditation for lucid dreams for those of you who prefer an easier option, […]