Buddhist, Hindu Leaders Disgusted By Music Group’s Disrespect

statue of ganesh in live nations club

Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Jewish religious leaders are disgusted at what they see as a lack of respect from a night-club operator regarding its handling of religious statues. Night-Club operator Live Nation is being demanded to remove Buddhist, Hindu and other religious statues that they have placed inside night-clubs. Religious leaders are demanding a […]

Spiritual Facebook Page Penalised For Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation

spiritual facebook pages

Spiritual Facebook pages have been exploding in popularity since the pandemic because everyone is need of inspirational and motivational quotes from people like Buddha and the Dalai Lama. Among the inspiring memes, however, is harmful misinformation regarding COVID-19. The coronavirus has changed the world, and businesses have reacted to it in different ways. While some […]

London Police “Abuse Power”, Turning Against Yoga Enthusiasts

yoga in park covid19

London, U.K—Officers of London’s Metropolitan Police Service are being accused of abusing power during the COVID-19 self isolation by turning against a yoga enthusiast and saying yoga isn’t exercise. Twitter user “Bexmo”, a resident of London, Tweeted, “Just been harassed by ten police officers in a van for being out on London Fields and ‘pretending […]