Gong Bath Meditation – Everything You Need To Know

gong bath meditation

There is nothing quite like a gong bath meditation. This ancient healing technique offers benefits for anxiety, sleep, stress and many other mental health problems. Not to mention, they are serenely relaxing. I personally find them utterly divine. You may have noticed how popular they have been getting. If you visit a bigger city like […]

Best Sound Healing Instruments And The Magic Of Therapy

sound healing meditation

In this guide we will be looking at the best sound healing instruments used in meditation and how sound healing therapy works. As a meditation teacher and lifelong musician, I love meditations that use sound [for instance, meditating on a singing bowl]. I have witnessed firsthand how the best sound healing instruments can cure people. […]

Singing Bowl Buying Guide For Beginners

tibetan singing bowl

In this singing bowl buying guys, beginners will learn how to choose a singing bowl and how to determine the quality of one. We’ll look at Buddhist sets, Chakra sets, and antique sets, and the differences between them. And I will help you choose which to get. .  As a meditation teacher, I have taught many […]

Why Everone’s Using Chakra Singing Bowl Sets To Open Their 7 Chakras

chakra singing bowl set

Chakra singing bowl sets have existed for thousands of years, ever since around 2500BC. Today they’re everywhere, from your local Buddhist temple to your yoga studio—and maybe even at home if you have bought one using our singing bowl buying guide. You’ve probably listened to a chakra singing bowl during yoga when you meditate in […]

How The Sound Of Buddhist Bowls Heals Your Mind And Body

For thousands of years, Buddhist bowls (Tibetan singing bowls) have been used for healing. Did you know that just by meditating on a Buddhist bowls sound you can heal your mind and body? (Read: How to meditate on bowl sounds). Research even suggests that the Buddhist bowls’ sound may even cure cancer. Obviously you might […]

Best Gongs For Sound Healing & Meditation – What You Need To Know

meditation gong

In this guide we will look at the best gongs for sound healing and meditation, and how they work.  Sound healing gongs are beautiful percussion instruments that look great in your home and actually help to heal your body and mind. Gong healing or “gong bath meditation” is a form of therapeutic sound healing that […]