How To Change Your Mind From The Outside In

simple qay to change yourself -- buddha quote

Today, scientists have shared with us a proven and simple way to change your mind: start from the outside in. It turns out that inward changes do not equate to outwards changes. Actually, outward changes equate to inward changes. If you want to change your mind you have to start by changing your actions. This […]

Can Meditation Cure Cancer? Science Answers Your Question


Can you use healing meditations for cancer treatment? Can meditation cure cancer? And does it help prevent it? Here on THE DAILY MEDITATION, we previously shared the best self healing meditation techniques. We know from scientific research that there are more than 100 health benefits of meditation. However, the idea that meditation can cure cancer […]

Niacin For Depression, Mayo Heralding It As A Miracle Cure

taking niacin b3 supplement

The Mayo Clinic is saying that using Niacin for depression is basically a miracle cure. Now look: Smart people know it’s best to use natural techniques, not pills. Here’s a free guide to help you Beat Depression  with meditation. But sometimes you need a little helping hand. Niacin (vitamin B3) can help. Vitamin B3 is offering […]

How Meditation Works—Breakthrough Studies Reveal Everything


Have you ever wondered how meditation works? If so you’re not alone. World renowned scientists have been studying the process of meditation to see how mindfulness effects the brain. Crazy thing is: Scientists are baffled. They cannot workout how meditation works. When the Dalai Lama invited the Mind and Life Institute to visit India to […]