What It Means To Have A Spiritual Experience

If someone had asked me, when I was young ,what it means to have a spiritual experience, I probably would have suggested something along the lines of experiencing winged angels and a man sitting on a throne in the clouds judging us for or moral or immoral behaviour.  But even as a child I knew […]

Trump Spiritual Advisor Says Give Her Money Instead Of Paying Bills

paula white and trump

Trump spiritual advisor Paula White wants you to stop paying your bills and send money to her church instead. Paula Michelle White-Cain is an American pastor, televangelist and exponent of prosperity theology, a controversial religious belief that’s also called prosperity gospel or the health and wealth gospel (it’s basically defined by the belief that all […]

10 Signs Of An Enlightened Person – Are You Enlightened?

signs of an enlightened person

Our mission here on THE DAILY MEDITATION is to help you achieve enlightenment. But you might wonder: What are the signs of an enlightened person? Enlightened people are all around us. But you might not spot them. After all, enlightened people are not the type of people to gloat, show off or draw attention to […]

Meditation Altars & Shrines: Advice You Need To Know

meditation altars & shrines

One of the best places to sit and focus your mind is at a meditation altar. These beautiful little furniture items give you the perfect place to set up your meditation shrine. You can decorate it as you please, and incorporate it into the design of your zen meditation room. Of course, this is fairly […]

Netflix Show ‘Bikram’ Fighting To Get Yoga Rapist Jailed

bikram yogi guru predator

  New Netflix yoga show Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator brings to light the shocking reality of predators in yoga. The show, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and will air on Netflix in Autumn, begs us to ask why yoga predator Bikram Choundhury has not been dealt what many consider rightful punishment. Bikram […]

Meditation Mantras For Beginners [Ultimate Guide]

group of monks chanting mantras

Learn all about mantras and their use in Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga and other spiritual systems. These mantras can be used for health and beauty, for getting beautiful skin, for stopping stress and depression, and even for producing good fortune and business growth.

100 Best Spiritual Blogs We Truly Love In 2020

best spiritual blogs

Today, I wanted to write a list of the best spiritual blogs in the world. I thought it would help you to find what you like (and also to find a place to write for. HINT: Write for our spiritual blog here) But it hit me that there are actually more than a million spiritual […]

5 Best Chakra Books We Absolutely Love In 2020

Chakra Books

When it comes to the best books on chakras, well, you’re spoiled for choice. Whether you’re new to chakra cleansing or you’ve been doing it for years, there are many excellent chakra books you’ll definitely want to check out. Thousands of THE DAILY MEDITATION’s readers have been digging my guide to chakra healing meditation. And […]

Bhakti Yoga Meditation Practices: What You Need To Know

bhakti yoga meditation

In this article, we’ll be looking at how to practice Bhakti yoga meditation properly, and the benefits you will get out of it. But first: What is Bhakti yoga? Bhakti yoga is an ancient meditation technique that stems from Hinduism and Buddhism. Today it is mostly associated with yoga [READ: Best Techniques]. The practice aims […]

How To Remove Negative Energy For Spiritual Protection

spiritual protection techniques

All enlightened people need to know how to remove negative energy for  spiritual protection.  You need to know how to remove negative energy from: the body the mind the home life in general There are many different kinds of negativity.  Some people carry negativity in the body and mind and they pass it on when […]

How To Practice Contemplative Meditation For Reflection

contemplative meditation

IN this article we’ll be looking at how to practice contemplative meditation for reflection, and the difference between contemplation and meditation. There are many different meditation techniques in use today. Each has its strengths and weaknesses: Movement methods help to liberate the mind. Breathing techniques are good for relaxation. Taoist exercises restore the flow of […]

Best Spiritual Destinations In India For Your Spiritual Trip To India

a spiritual vacation in india at the festival of lights hollli

If you want to go on a spiritual journey, India is definitely the best choice. There are simply so many spiritual destinations in India, and there are excellent spiritual events in India too. I mean, for a spiritual vacation, India is definitely the place to go, right? Sure, the pyramids of Egypt are spectacular and […]

The Benefits of Having an Online Spiritual Adviser

online spiritual adviser

There are times when we feel helpless. We are trapped in the middle of nowhere and we don’t know which way to go. It is during these moments when having good friends or someone to talk with could be of great use. Sadly, not all of our friends will be there as soon as we […]

10 Best Spiritual Movies And Spiritual Characters Of All Time

spiritual movie characters

In this list, we’re going to look at the 10 best spiritual movies of all time and the spiritual characters who made them so darned good.   Through the years movies have given us insight into spirituality and philosophy and some movies have been so inspiring that they may have even led you to become spiritual […]

How To Meditate To Sarva Mangala For Khechara

feel deep inner peace with tantric goddess sarvamangal

When we meditate on tantric Goddess Sarva Mangala we receive Khechara and we find deep inner peace. Sarva Mangala (who you can read about on TheMotherDivine) is peaceful, calm and quiet. It is said in the ancient texts that she often visits people when they meditate. Then, she may confer upon the meditator khechara. Sarva […]

How To Connect To Your Spiritual Self By Meditating

Connect To Your Higher Self. Become Spiritually Awakened

As a meditation teacher, many people ask me how to connect with the spiritual self.  The answer is to use specific spiritual meditation techniques.  Even though I teach over 31 types of meditation, I believe the best methods are the spiritual meditation techniques. Because we can use spiritual meditation to connect with our spiritual selves. […]

The Important Of Spirituality In Life REVEALED!

what is the true meaning of spirituality

Science has revealed some staggering facts about the importance of spirituality in life and what it means to be spiritual in 2020. If you’re unhappy or unhealthy, spirituality can help. But the masses still turn their noses up to spirituality, partly because they confuse it with religion, and partly because there have been some spiritual […]

10 Inspiring Spiritual Wisdoms We Thought You’d Share

  10 Everyday Evils That True Spiritualists Fight To Put An End To

Here are 10 inspiring spiritual wisdoms we think you will share with us. These will help you go deeper in spiritual practice.  1. Nothing Matters More Than Stopping Harm, To Animals, People Or The World [bctt tweet=”Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul lays unawakened” username=”t_d_meditation”] One of the main spiritual […]

100 Spiritual Words & Meanings You Need To Know [List]

spiritual words you need to know

In this list of spiritual words you will find 87 of the most important spiritual words and their meanings. If you personally know a different spiritual word you would like to add to the list, please leave a comment. Include the spiritual word and the meaning of that spiritual word. Thanks.  List of spiritual words […]

Huna Healing Techniques & Meditation You Need To Know


In this guide we will be looking at the Huna meditation technique and Huna healing practices, some lesser-known but highly beneficial spiritual exercises. Huna (which was originally called Ho’Omana”) is a theory of physics set down by New Age author Ma Freedom Long in the 1900s. Contained in the Huna are healing techniques used to […]