Danica Patrick: Yoga Photo Of The Day [Baby Crow Pose]

Today we have Danica Patrick for yoga photo of the day. The former NASCAR driver rocked her best baby crow pose (asana) on Instagram. It’s a very difficult yoga pose to pull off, but being an athlete, Patrick had no problem performing the move with ease. At 38-yeard-old, Danica has already stamped herself into history. […]

How To Add Meditation To Your Workout To Exercise Body And Mind

pre workout meditation

Doing my pre-workout meditation has completely changed the way I feel about exercising and the way in which I do exercise. Meditating before exercising has given me an increased appreciation of my body and has helped me to take my exercise to a new level. It’s a fallacy that when you meditate, you must sit […]

Jamie Anderson On Meditation, Yoga For Snowboarders

jamie anderson yoga meditation for snowboarders

Jamie Anderson has been gathering the medals at the Olympics and most recently at the 2020 Aspen X Games. Now, she reflects on her spiritual practices and the benefits of meditation and yoga for snowboarders. The 29-year-old American snowboarder just claimed first place in the 2020 Aspen X games. And, in an interview for Cosmopolitan, […]

Yoga, Meditation For Baseball Players: What You Need To Know

meditation yoga for baseball

Over the past few years, sports tech researchers have been investigating the benefits of meditation and yoga for baseball players. Yoga and meditation are taking over the sports world right now. Yesterday, football player Erling Haaland celebrated a goal by meditating, and last year there was the Tom Brady was seen doing yoga on the […]