Meditation For Hard Times To Get Through Life’s Challenges

meditation for hard times how to overcome lifes challenges

One of the best ways how to get through life’s challenges is by using meditation for hard times. We all go through challenging times in our lives. Maybe you’re going through a financial crisis, as many people are in 2021. Maybe you have a health problem that is causing you stress and anxiety. Maybe you’re […]

Meditation For Work Stress And Anxiety For Fast Relief

meditation for work stress anxiety

Many of my students ask me how to use mindfulness and meditation for work stress and anxiety. It’s a good question. Feelings like stress, anxiety, nervousness, and being overwhelmed, are commonplace at work. Thankfully, there are lots of ways mindfulness can help. There are exercises, breathing techniques, mantras, mudras, and guided meditation for work stress […]

Anxiety Meditation Script: Short Session To Relax   

anxiety meditation script

Today we’ll be doing my favourite anxiety meditation script. It’s a short meditation session for anxiety that helps us to relax and unwind, to stop worry and fear, and to connect with the present moment. I’ve divided our anxiety meditation script into different sections. If you would like to do a short meditation, feel free […]

Stress Meditation Script: Relax With This Quick Session

stress meditation script

In this meditation session I will share with you my best stress meditation script, and it’s benefits. This script has done wonders for my meditation students and me. I used to suffer from stress almost every day, but thanks to this stress meditation script I’ve been able to relax and stay calm even during difficult […]

How To Protect Yourself From Anxiety

how to protect yourself from anxiety

Today, I would like to talk about how to protect yourself from anxiety. There’s a reason why I want to talk about this today: Yesterday I made a mistake. I did everything wrong. I overworked, allowed myself to think negatively all day, didn’t give myself any breaks, and suffered a panic attack. It was my […]

GUEST POST: Cali School Use Mindfulness for Student Stress Management

students stress management with mindfulness

Schools in California are using mindfulness to help with student stress management. Studies show that breathing exercises help students cope with stress so they can better focus on studies. The pandemic and racial tensions has caused an escalation in stress at school and many education leaders are turning to mindfulness to help students manage stress. […]

Mindful Hypnotherapy For Stress—Research Reveals Benefits

mindful hypnotherapy

Waco, Texas, U.S—New research by Baylor University reveals benefits of mindful hypnotherapy for stress. Research conducted by Baylor University in Waco, Texas and published by International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, shows positive results of using mindful hypnotherapy for stress. Mindfulness is the practice of focusing the mind on the present moment without judgment. […]

Meditation For Nightmares To Stop Bad Dreams

yoga and meditation for nightmares

If you’ve been suffering from nightmares or vivid dreams, one solution is to use yoga and meditation for nightmare-relief. Millions of people around the world have been suffering from nightmare since the start of self-isolation, and dreams have been becoming ever more vivid. Maybe it’s a scary dream about your teeth falling out, a dream […]

Breathwork For Stress Relief Advice From A Nobel Price Winner

a woman practicing breathwork outside in a garden

Nobel prize winner Louis J. Ignarro, PhD shares advice on breathworth for stress relief that could seriously change your worries and anxieties. We all know the old advice that when you are going through moments of stress, you should “just breath”. And indeed there is considerable research backing the science of deep breathing. For thousands […]

New “Personal Zen”: App For Stress And Anxiety Launching Now

personal zen app for stress and anxiety

New York—Wise Therapeutics launches “Personal Zen” app for stress and anxiety Today, New York based Wise Therapeutic has announced the launch of its first product, Personal Zen, an app for stress and anxiety. If you’re anywhere near as excited about new mental-health technology as I am, you’ll definitely be intrigued by Wise Therapeutics’ Personal Zen, […]

Meditation For School Stress: Breaking Research Reveals Huge Benefits

students sitting in school with anxiety

Massachusetts, U.S—Research by MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research highlights benefits of meditation for school stress. [READ: Meditation For Stress] A neuroscience study conducted by MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research has shown that mindfulness meditation reduces stress in schools. A school-based mindfulness intervention can significantly reduce perceived stress and modulate brain activity in the […]

Breakthrough Study Champions Meditation For Anxiety, Depression, Stress Relief

meditation for anxiety, depresison, stress

A breakthrough study is championing the use of meditation for anxiety, depression and stress relief. The study, conducted collaboratively between universities in Australia and the UK, highlights how meditation helps anxiety, depression and stress by changing the endocrine system. If you have ever wanted to have more control over the symptoms of anxiety, depression or […]

How I’m Overcoming Stress And Anxiety At Work

overcoming stress and anxiety at work

I’ve recently started using some techniques and exercises for overcoming stress and anxiety at work. Things like positivity, meditation, mindfulness and yoga. These exercises have helped me with my part-time retail sales job. And they’ve completely changed my mentality in the workplace. Plus, they have been helping me with a serious problem I’ve ben facing: […]

How To Practice Mindfulness At Work– Ultimate Guide

how to practice mindfulness at work

When you know how to practie mindfulness at work you will greatly increase your productivity and reduce any stress. It will make it so much easier to deal with all those emails, presentations, meetings and phone calls. Mindfulness is the simple practice of focusing the mind on the present moment in a nonjudgmental way. As […]

Meditation Techniques For Stress Relief – Simple Scripts

meditation for stress relief

What are the best meditation techniques for stress relief? In this article, you’ll find guided meditations for stress relief, Buddhist techniques, modern methods, and exercises to do at home. As a meditation teacher, one of the questions many people ask me is this: What are the best meditation techniques for stress relief? And honestly, the […]

Meditation For Difficult Times To Help You Through Today

meditation for difficult times

There are so many reasons to use meditation for difficult times of your life. By meditating we can help ourselves to remain positive during the worst of moments: Dealing with times of grief and sorrow Losing a job. Witnessing a seemingly impossible event. Finding out someone has been disloyal. Having to suddenly move to a […]

Inner Peace Meditation Script To Make You Feel Chill

A tree by the ocean at sunset symbolising inner peace

In this guide, I’ll share all the best inner peace meditation script and more inner peace meditation techniques, so you can enjoy a slow, relaxed, quiet mind. With my inner peace meditation script you will naturally cultivate feelings of calmness and equanimity. This will reduce mental rumination, reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, and heal […]

31 Best Meditation Techniques For Anxiety Relief

meditation for anxiety

There are many meditation techniques for anxiety relief  that can help to remedy the problem. These meditations for anxiety will reduce worry and create feelings of calmness. Best of all, by using a meditation for anxiety, you will learn to change negative thoughts that create your worries and uneasiness, and you will learn to stay […]

How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts For Good

how to get rid of negative thoughts

Have you ever wondered how to get rid of negative thoughts and anxiety? According to two scientific studies, the average person thinks between 14,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day [The National Science Foundation], 2005, and Leahy, 2005, Study of Cornell University). Much of that pondering, an estimated 85%,  is unhelpful and sometime even outright painful. Some […]

16 Simple Meditation Techniques For Stress Relief

meditation techniques for stress relief

There are 16 simple meditation techniques for stress relief that are natural, fast and easy.  Listen: Do you wish you could wake up and know that would get through the day without stress? Wish you could  completely stop anxiety? [If so, read my guide to using meditation for anxiety relief]. You are not alone. Stress is […]