The Best Stress Management Techniques To Reduce Stress Fast And Easily

What are the best stress management techniques for quickly relieving stress? That’s what this section of The Daily Meditation is all about.

In our Stress Section we share with you all the very best stress management techniques. And all of our techniques are natural and healthy. You won’t find any unhealthy drugs for stress here, just mind techniques and some advice on choosing the right supplements for stress.

Here’s a look at some of our best articles on stress.

The 12 Best Techniques To Beat Stress

We all have different needs and we all enjoy different techniques. That’s why we’ve created a lite of the top 11 ways to beat stress. Each entry in the list is unique and we promise you will find at least one tip that will help you and that will work for your individual lifestyle.

Read: The 12 Best Stress Management Techniques

The Top Relaxation Techniques

Sometimes, to get a handle on stress the best thing to do is to put it in a different perspective.

What is stress? It’s a lack of relaxation. You feel stressed when you are unable to relax. And one of the best stress management techniques is to allow yourself to relax.

So how do you do that?

Read my guide to The Best Relaxation Techniques.

Stop Worrying About The Future

There are many things that people worry about. Money. Their relationship. Work. But the number one thing that we all worry about is the future.

one of the biggest causes of stress is that we spend too much time worrying about the future instead of living in the present moment. Let’s stop that right here and now.

Read my article on The Top Reasons Why You Need To Stop Worrying About The future. 

Another great thing for stress is to develop a sense of humor

Did you know that scientists have proven that one of the best things for your health is to develop a sense of humor.

A sense of humor is important because it helps you to put things in perspective. And once you have the right perspective you will naturally stop being stressed.

Take a look at my guide to Developing A Sense Of Humor for more on this.

And if your stress causes panic attacks, there are more things you can do.

Panic Attacks are a real nightmare. They make life so difficult. It can be hard to enjoy your life when you are worried about having a panic attack. That’s why you need to take proactive steps to prevent panic attacks from happiness.

So how do you do that?

Read my article, Tricks To Stop Panic Attacks. 

But that’s not all. Here are our most recent articles about stress

Everything You Need To Practice Mindfulness At Work

There are many reasons to start practicing mindfulness at work, for both the employee and the employer. For the employee, mindfulness helps us to remain calm during stressful moments. It helps us to be more productive because we are more conscious of what we are doing [READ: How To Use Meditation For Productivity]. And it makes us happier at work, as proven by scientific research [1]. There are big pluses for the employer too. Not least the fact that practicing mindfulness at work leads to increased productivity and higher employee satisfaction, which in turn leads to better employee retention rates.…

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7 Best Meditation Techniques For Stress Relief
Sitting meditating by the lake to relax is just one way to stop stress.

7 Best Meditation Techniques For Stress Relief

As a meditation teacher, one of the questions many people ask me is this: What is the best meditation technique for stress relief? Stress is one of the main reasons people start meditating in the first place. We are living in a world where stress is an epidemic [1]. And it is easy to see why. With the pressure of work, the amount of financial stress we all face, health stress, relationship stress… there are simply so many things to be stressed about. They say that one of the best ways to manage stress is to change your lifestyle so…

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How Yoga Relieves Stress Naturally

  • yoga

Life can be stressful for people of any age. The daily life can be very hectic, with schoolwork, exams, work, social life, and other important things. A lot of factors need to be balanced and it can be difficult, even for adults. Stress is a natural defense installed in our bodies to escape predators and other dangers. During a “fight or flight” moment [1], the body releases hormones that prepare the body to escape or confront the challenge being faced. These chemical compounds released in the body include adrenaline, non-adrenaline, and cortisol or the “stress hormone” [2]. While stress can…

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8 Easy ways to relieve stress when life gets crazy

 When life gets busy, it often becomes more stressful. All those everyday worries—making it to work on time, paying the bills, helping the kids with homework—can build up over time. Then there are the bigger worries, that may come on suddenly or are always in the back of your mind—unemployment, sorting life or funeral insurance, or paying your child’s university fees. It sometimes seems like there’s always something to stress about! You may already know the importance of managing stress and looking after yourself during particularly hectic times. But sometimes finding time to actively reduce stress is just another thing…

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Meditation For Difficult Times To Help You Through Today

There are so many reasons to use meditation for difficult times of your life. Meditation can help us to remain positive during the worst of moments:  Dealing with times of grief and sorrow Losing a job. Witnessing a seemingly impossible event. Finding out someone has been disloyal. Having to suddenly move to a new city. All these life experiences can shake our stability, make us doubt our strength, and sometimes even make us question our own sanity. Many studies have shown the positive effects of using meditation for difficult times in life Studies have proven the positive effects of using…

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My Insight On Using CBD For Meditation And CBD For Yoga

Have you tried using CBD for meditation? How about using CBD before yoga class?  Now that hemp-derived products have been made legal around the country, many people are starting to combine yoga, CBD and meditation for a powerful anti-anxiety, anti-stress solution [and if that interests you, you will probably want to read my guide to stopping anxiety with meditation]. In this guide I will show you the benefits of CBD and how to combine yoga, CBD and meditation. Plus, I will give my opinion on whether it’s healthy and worthwhile using CBD [and please feel free to share your own…

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How To Combine Meditation And CBD For Anxiety Relief

When you use a combination of both meditation and CBD for anxiety, amazing things happen.  Many people shy away from meditation due to an inability to sit still for long periods of time or being uncomfortable spending time in their own head. Turning inwards and being alone with your thoughts can be incredibly anxiety-inducing, and this response is more common than you may think. Currently, there are 40 million adults who combat issues related to anxiety in the United States. Meditation can be a very valuable tool in reducing the effects of anxiety and stress [read: how to reduce anxiety…

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The Effects Of Stress On Fertility

Stress can impact the health of many bodily functions, but the reproductive organs and fertility levels of men and women are particularly vulnerable. This brief article will explain what stress is, how it can adversely impact fertility, and offer stress-reducing methods, such as breathing exercises, that individuals can employ to improve their chances of successful conception.   What Is Stress? Stress is the body's response to perpetual external pressure and comes in many forms, be it emotional, environmental, professional, personal or financial.   Stress Symptoms The symptoms of stress can impact almost any part of the body and manifest in…

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When You Want Inner Peace, Meditation Is The Key

When you want to feel good deep in your soul, you can use some inner peace meditation techniques.   When we meditate, inner peace comes freely, and we return to a statue of pure equanimity (calmness). Inner peace means no longer fighting with the universe or with yourself. Inner peace means feelings relaxed and serene.  Advanced meditators will already know the effect of meditation on inner peace.   When you meditate you relax deeply, and you learn to let go of what's in your mind. This starts you down the path to enlightenment and helps you to become a free spirited person.…

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10 Best Meditations For Anxiety – Techniques That Work!

Today I am going to show you how to do the best meditations for anxiety relief that is fast and effective. You will feel calm within minutes.  As a meditation teacher who used to suffer from severe anxiety, I know probably more than anyone just how good meditation techniques for anxiety are.  There are many powerful mental health benefits of meditation. One of the main reasons people get into meditation is because meditation helps with anxiety. I suffered for years with terrible anxiety and stress, never able to find inner peace. Then I trained in meditation. Years later I now…

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10 Tips For Getting Rid Of Negative Thoughts Forever

It is vital to know how to stop thinking negative thoughts. Getting rid of negative thoughts will totally change your life. Here's why: We human beings experience an average of 50,000 thoughts every day. That’s one thought for every 1.6 seconds of the day. Most of those thoughts are not helpful. Many thoughts are painful. And some thoughts are obsessive thoughts that won't go away. [Read my guide to Thought Stopping Exercises to see why those thoughts wont stop] For instance, you might find yourself obsessively thinking and worrying about the future. And this is especially true for people with…

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How To Quiet The Mind With Meditation [TUTORIAL]

Want to know how to quiet the mind? Meditation is the answer.    Listen: Have you ever wondered why Buddhist monks are peaceful, and why Buddhists meditate to quieten their mind every single day?   Because when you spend all day rushing around, getting nothing done productively, you start doing too much thinking and you feel rushed and stressed. Do you feel rushed? Do you feel stress? Are you suffering from anxiety? [read: Best Meditations For Anxiety] If you have anxiety, it's time to quiet the mind with meditation (and a few other tips too). Let Me Show You How To Quiet The Mind…

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16 Simple Meditation Techniques For Stress Relief

There are 16 simple meditation techniques for stress relief that are natural, fast and easy.  Listen: Do you wish you could wake up and know that would get through the day without stress? Wish you could  completely stop anxiety? [If so, read my guide to using meditation for anxiety relief]. You are not alone. Stress is the biggest health problem in the world today. 77% of people experience physical symptoms of stress 73% experience psychological effects of stress 30% of people say they are always under constant stress at work [1]. And most companies do not do enough to combat it…

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5 Best Meditations To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

The benefits of meditation for high blood pressure have been scientifically proven time and again. Research proves you can use meditation to lower blood pressure naturally. By taking just twenty minutes a day to meditate you will lower blood pressure and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. And the effects are even better when you combine meditation with yoga for heart health.  As a meditation teacher lots of people ask me how to use meditation to lower blood pressure naturally. These people all have high blood pressure for different reasons. The most common causes of high blood pressure are: smoking …

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The Only Things To Do In My Spare Time That Make Any Sense

Sometimes I try to look for things to do in my spare time.  We all have those spare 10 minutes every now and then. If the average person added up all the times in their life when they’ve had 10 minutes to spare, they’d end up with more than a year. Seriously. You know those times when you're doing nothing, just looking for things to do in your spare time? Well they add up.  Check out these stats about the average time we spend in various idle states. British people spend nearly six months of their life in a queue…

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How To Stop Worrying When You Need To Just Chill [TUTORIAL]

Being human sucks. Too many worries and concerns. What if you could stop worrying like a human and start floating like a butterfly instead? What if you could feel like you were relaxing by the pool, or sitting in the sun and relaxing at the beach, or enjoying a relaxing weekend, while still doing everything you need to do? Yes, it would be amazing. After reading this article and learning how to stop thinking so much and will start living a mindful, in-the-moment life, you'll be feeling like you're on holiday even while you work. So, my Zen-sational readers; read on…

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10 Best Relaxation Meditation Techniques To Soothe You

What are the best relaxation meditation techniques? As a meditation teacher, a lot of people ask me that question.  So here goes: Buddha taught mindfulness as the best relaxation meditation technique Mindfulness.  You've probably heard of it. And Buddha taught that it's the best relaxation meditation technique. Buddha taught that good living starts from within and that when we are happy and relaxed we are at our best. And while today there are tons of great tools—see my list of relaxing VR apps— there is still nothing better than meditation for a inner peace and serenity. Science confirms that meditation relaxes the…

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Mantra for Happiness and Powerful Spells for Happiness

This mantra for happiness will help promote well-being, positivity and all around good feeligns. ! *** Looking for a different mantra? Find it in our mantra dictionary  If you're finding that you haven't been as happy recently as you perhaps could be, then this mantra for happiness will be the perfect lift you need, raising your spirit to a state of peace and happiness. It is recommended that you sit in a relaxed cross-legged pose, making sure your spine is straight. Begin to chant "Ong" slowly (perhaps one ONG for every eight to ten seconds). You should feel the sound resonating…

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