8 Subconscious Mind Exercises From Affirmation To Meditation

subconscious mind power techniques

In this guide, we will be looking at the best subconscious mind exercises and techniques so you can access your subconscious mind. We are going to use an affirmation for the subconscious mind, along with meditation, Research from John A. Bargh at Yale University suggests that the power of the unconscious mind is around 90% […]

Dreaming Of Someone Dying Or Dying AGAIN Means THIS

dreaming of someone dying

Have you been dreaming of someone dying? Or dreaming of someone dying again? Perhaps your mother, father, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife? Are you wondering what it means when you dream about someone dying or dying again when they has already past? If they are alive, does it mean they will die? Could they be […]

Meditation For Intuition To Uncover Your Insight (Script)

meditation for intuition

Today I want to share with you the best intuition meditation scripts. When you use meditation for intuition, you will learn to hear your inner voice. That’s huge. Here’s why. Intuition is one of humankind’s most important skills. When you tap into your intuition, you can hear the deepest wisdom from within your own mind. Your intuition will […]

Lucid Dream Meditation Techniques For Nocturnal Consciousness

meditation for lucid dreams

Did you know: There is a specific Tibetan Dream Yoga exercises that is the very best lucid dream meditation technique. It is one of the rarer yogic meditation techniques. But you might like to try it tonight. (I’ve also include a guided meditation for lucid dreams for those of you who prefer an easier option, […]