Best Mindfulness & Meditation Courses 2020 [Chosen By A Meditation Teacher]

best meditation courses 2020

In 2020 there are so many online meditation courses available (both free and paid). As a meditation teacher I find it a really exciting time for the movement. More people are learning meditation now than ever. And thankfully, there are some truly amazing meditation teachers online, like Melli O’Brien, Giovanni Dienstmann, and of course notables […]

Teach Yoga Online: How To Make Your Career Successful

how to teach yoga online

In this guide, I will show you how to teach yoga online using Zoom, Youtube Live, Facebook Live and other platforms. Online yoga classes are currently burgeoning right now because of the virus. Many studios are trying to find ways to continue to make money, and the internet seems to be the way to go. […]

How To Choose Insurance For Yoga Studios & Meditation Teachers

meditation and yoga insurance

In this guide: How to choose insurance for meditation teachers and yoga studios, and why you need it. When you’re thinking about becoming a meditation teacher or a yoga teacher, or if you are opening a yoga studio, it is vital that you get the proper insurance that you need before you start teaching students. […]

Probably the 5 Best Meditation Teachers In The World (Except Me)

best meditation teacher thich nhat hanh

Who is the best meditation teacher in the world? I mean, obviously, I personally give the best meditation lessons of all time. I think we can all agree on that. But excluding myself, who are the world’s best meditation teachers? Since the mindfulness industry exploded in 2019 and everyone and their mom became a meditation […]

COVID-19: Don’t Reopen, Return To Yoga Class Says DDP

ddp yoga studio

Georgia, U.S—DDP [Diamond Dallas Page of DDP Yoga] recommends not reopening yoga studios or returning to yoga class—too early in COVID-19 pandemic. One question both yoga teachers and yoga students are asking during the COVID-19 pandemic is: When to reopen and return to yoga class. Trump’s plan recently called for gyms, including yoga studios and […]

NonProfit Helping Yoga Teachers Make Money… Supposedly

yoga class

Jacksonville, Florida—Nonprofit yoga company Yoga 4 Change offering yoga instructors a way to make money during COVID-19. Should you do it…? A non-profit yoga company in Jacksonville, Florida, is currently looking for yoga teachers to make yoga videos at home during the global pandemic. Florida has been hit worse by COVID-19 than the majority of […]

Yoga International Community Partners Program Poses Big Questions

yoga international community program

HONESDALE, Pa., March 25, 2020   – Yoga International Community Partner’s Program promises to help yoga studios during COVID-19. But should you trust it?  As you will know if you have been following THE DAILY MEDITATION on social media or our newsletter, amidst COVID 19 many yoga studios are moving their classes online. COVID-19 forced […]

How To Teach Yoga Online In 2020 [Tutorial]

online yoga courses

In this guide I will show you how to teach yoga online using Zoom, Youtube Live, Facebook Live and other platforms. Online yoga classes are currently burgeoning right now because of the virus. Many studios are trying to find ways to continue to make money, and the internet seems to be the way to go.   […]

Gray’s Bill To Cut Yoga from Spiritual Roots As Schools Fight Multiculturalism

alabama bill yoga in schools

Schools in the U.S are struggling to accept the historical, spiritual roots of yoga. A new bill will seek to cut yoga from its spiritual roots as parents demand that Hinduism not be referenced in public school classrooms. The “Alabama Bill” that was past in 1993 made it illegal for schools in Alabama to teach […]

Coronavirus and Yoga Studios: A Dangerous Connection?

coronavrius at yoga studios

Is it safe to go to the yoga studio while coronavirus is spreading? And if you run a yoga studio, what steps can you take to prevent coronavirus from spreading in your studio? Sweat cannot transmit the coronavirus, but some items at the yoga studio that are frequently touched could cause a threat, says a […]

How She’s Running An Accessible Yoga Studio For All In Georgia

yoga studio in georgia

Fort Oglethorpe, GA— When it comes to running a yoga studio, you have your options available. You can go the pro-fitness route and target people who want to be extremely fit and chiselled. Or you can target everyone and open a yoga studio that is accessible to all, from kids to the elderly. Eden Traylor […]

How To Teach Meditation In Schools [And The Benefits]

how to teach meditation in schools

I regularly receive messages from teachers asking how to teach meditation in schools. They have read the research and they understand just how beneficial mindfulness and meditation are for kids. Over the past five years, mindfulness programs have become hugely popular with both adults and kids. Listening to meditation music, practicing mindful breathing, using mantras… […]

World First Yoga University Outside India Opening In U.S. 2020

worlds first yoga university

The World’s first yoga university outside India will open in LA later this year. The yoga university will open its doors for the first year of its post graduate course later in 2020. The university will focus on yoga as well as meditation and other Eastern heath practices. And if you’re interested in going, admission […]

How to Create Your Own Guided Meditations

girl giving guided meditation by microphone

In this article, Sura discusses how to create your own guided meditations. Are you looking for some tips when it comes to recording and delivering your guided meditations? If so, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re interested in teaching meditation, these tips will help you to create, record, and present your guided meditations. […]

Actually, THIS Is How To Become A Yoga Teacher In 2019

how to become a yoga teacher

In this guide I’m going to show you how to become a yoga teacher and how to actually make money from it. There is a lot of potential in being a yoga teacher. If you love the practice you will get so much out of it, and you will have a blast doing it. But […]

How To Find A Meditation Teacher You Will Love

how to find a meditation teacher

You may have wondered how to find a meditation teacher. I mean, it’s not like you can walk into your local shopping mall and ask for some mindfulness lessons. Where do meditation teachers hang out? Where is your nearest studio? And another question: How do you actually know that your meditation teacher is going to […]

Completely Free Online Meditation Teacher Training

free meditation teacher training (1)

This completely free online meditation teacher training course will educate you on everything you need to know to get started as an instructor. Let me level with you: You do not need to pay for a meditation teacher training course or certification if you do not want to. Mindfulness teacher training courses are optional, not […]

What Should You Look For in a Meditation Teacher?

meditation teacher

For people looking to learn meditation, there are plenty of ways to be introduced to the practice, ranging from meditation teachers to online courses. Whether it’s a guided meditation on Youtube, a mindfulness app like Headspace or simple breathing exercises, technology and greater knowledge of meditation’s benefits have conspired to make this practice more accessible […]

How To Become A Meditation Teacher In 2020 & Make Money

How To Become A Meditation Teacher in 2020

Want to know how to become a meditation teacher? Training to be the next Thich Nhat Hanh? Want to know if you need to be certified to teach meditation? I’ll cover all that and more in this guide. Here’s what we’ll be looking at: About Meditation Teacher Training Certifications Do You Need A Meditation Teacher […]