New Anxiety-Tech Device Uses Guided Breathing To Reduce Stress

melo meditation device

Melo, a new piece of anxiety-tech, uses guided breathing exercises to help reduce anxiety. Over the past few years we’ve seen the release of all sorts of meditation devices, things like the Muse Brain-sensing Headband and meditation pods. Now, a new and cute little piece of technology offers to help us to reduce stress by […]

Social Distancing Yoga Domes Take Over Toronto

social distancing yoga domes 1

Probably the coolest solution to social distancing, “yoga domes” have started popping up around Toronto as a way to let yogis like you and I practice yoga safely during quarantine. Yoga studios have been searching for a way to continue to teach yoga during social isolation. Many yoga studios have been forced to close. And […]

Why The Best Compassion Meditation Might Be A VR Intervention

girl looking at a virtual reality reflection of herself in a phone

Madrid, Spain—Breaking research suggests that the best compassion meditation might a virtual reality [VR] intervention. As a meditation teacher, I find that one of the most popular questions I’m asked is: What is the best compassion meditation? Traditionally, there would be two answers to this question. The best compassion meditations are: Buddhist karuna meditation And […]

Peloton Yoga, Meditation App Now Available On Android TV

peloton yoga app android tv

Android TV has expanded its app library and now offers the Peloton yoga and meditation app. Android TV, the digital media / TV version of the Android operating system, has well over 5,000 apps available on the Play Store. The latest is the Peloton app, the application of the well-known spin-bike manufacturer, which contains various […]

These Relaxing VR Games Feel Like A Virtual Meditation Retreat

virtual meditation retreat

With self-isolation closing hotels around the world and preventing travel, it’s time for meditators to look elsewhere. Relaxing VR games offer an experience like a virtual meditation retreat while you’re at home.   We are probably not going to be travelling anytime soon, at least not until the pandemic ends, which could be many months if […]

How to Meditate with Amazon Alexa, Echo Mindfulness Skills

mindfulness meditation skills alexa echo

Amazon Alexa and Echo’s mindfulness skills can help you to meditate at home. If you have been following THE DAILY MEDITATION, you will know that there’s tons of great mindfulness devices out now.  They range from headbands like MUSE to apps like Calm and Headspace. Amazon’s Alexa and Echo now have a whole host of […]