Meditation For Work Stress And Anxiety For Fast Relief

meditation for work stress anxiety

Many of my students ask me how to use mindfulness and meditation for work stress and anxiety. It’s a good question. Feelings like stress, anxiety, nervousness, and being overwhelmed, are commonplace at work. Thankfully, there are lots of ways mindfulness can help. There are exercises, breathing techniques, mantras, mudras, and guided meditation for work stress […]

Meditation For Working From Home [WFH]—Less Lonely, More Productive

meditation for working from home wfh

There are significant benefits of meditation for working from home [WFH]. If you’re one of the millions of people this year who has stopped working at the office or at another location and has been forced to work from home, meditation can help. When working from home, meditation can improve your concentration, reduce anxiety, help […]

Big Benefits Of Meditation For Employee Teamwork, Says New Research

benefits of meditation for employees

 New research has surfaced that revealed big benefits of meditation for employee teambuilding, especially when it comes to tackling complex tasks that require input from multiple people. As a business owner or manager, you understand how important it is to get your team working as one harmonious unit. It’s only by fostering an agile, cross-functional […]

Apps Like Calm, Headspace for Work? You Need to Think Twice

clam headspace for work

Employers are sinking their teeth into meditation apps like Calm and Headspace for work-place stress and employee happiness. But while the likes of Andy Puddicombe [Headspace co-founder and Buddhist monk] might suggest that Headspace and similar apps are the best solution for the workplace, there are serious limitations to these apps. Companies’ interest in meditation […]

Mindfulness Meditation For Startups: Why Your Bottomline Needs It

mindfulness meditation for startups

As a meditation teacher, many business owners ask me if there are any benefits of mindfulness and meditation for startups. It might seem strange to suggest that startups should be considering mindfulness or meditation. Afterall, as a startup there are so many challenges and responsibilities that you have on your mind. We’re talking the nitty-gritty […]

How I’m Overcoming Stress And Anxiety At Work

overcoming stress and anxiety at work

I’ve recently started using some techniques and exercises for overcoming stress and anxiety at work. Things like positivity, meditation, mindfulness and yoga. These exercises have helped me with my part-time retail sales job. And they’ve completely changed my mentality in the workplace. Plus, they have been helping me with a serious problem I’ve ben facing: […]

How To Practice Mindfulness At Work– Ultimate Guide

how to practice mindfulness at work

When you know how to practie mindfulness at work you will greatly increase your productivity and reduce any stress. It will make it so much easier to deal with all those emails, presentations, meetings and phone calls. Mindfulness is the simple practice of focusing the mind on the present moment in a nonjudgmental way. As […]

Meditation And Productivity: What You Need To Know

meditation for productivity

Whether you’re trying to improve your career, get coursework done, or be more productive in general, start using meditation for productivity. Scientific research has proven that meditation improves productivity [1]. This is one reason why major companies like Google are now using meditation in the workplace, to help employees be more productive.   Meditation can help […]

Meditation For Studying To Make You Better At Exams

meditation for studying

As a meditation teacher, many of my students are interested in using meditation for studying. They’ve heard that meditation makes studying easier, that it improves concentration, and that it can help to improve exam results. And all of that is one hundred per cent true. Scientific research (see below) shows that there are many benefits […]

Massively Increase Your Productivity With Meditation And These 10 Tips

person stacking zen stones representing meditation and productivity

When you need to be productive, meditate. You seriously will not believe the effective of meditation on productivity. Let me show you how to do it. How To Use Meditation For Productivity Did you know that there are some seriously powerful cognitive benefits of meditation. One of the main benefits is that meditation helps productivity, […]

6 Ways To Train Yourself To Be More Creative In 10 Minutes

ways to train yourself to be morre creative

There are so many ways to train yourself to be more creative. Let me ask you a question: Do you train your creative mind? Do you do mind-workouts? Now how about your imagination? Do you ever do imagination exercises? If I may offer an opinion: I think you should do creativity exercises every single day. […]

5 Ways How To Block Noise Mentally & Tune Out Distractions

how to tune out noise

Background noises, distractions, and noisy people can seriously effect our inner peace and our productivity. There are several smart strategies we can use to train the mind not to react to these sounds. Here are five ways to tune-out sounds.

When, Hard Work Doesn’t Pay Off, This Magic Hack WILL

hard word doesnt pay off

It is hitting me like a softball in the groin today that hard work doesn’t pay off. Studies prove it. Year on year wage-earners are working harder for longer and making a lower percentage of the money [1]. For my entire life, I have been attempting to make myself successful, and it has never quite […]

10 Mantras To Clear All Debts, Get Money, And Financial Success

financial mantras for career

There are many different mantras to clear all debts, get money, and succeed in business and careers. To use these successfully you will definitely want to read my guide to mantras. If you are struggling with money at the moment, if for instance, you have to pay back a loan and need help with it, […]

Meditation For Managers: How You Can Become A Mindful Boss [TUTORIAL]

zen meditation for managers

Discover the best type of meditation for managers. Learn how and why smart managers use meditation to stop stress both inside and outside of work. Boost your productivity and team morale, as well as your own happiness. Meditation really is a managerial wonder. Empathetic bosses produce happy employees. And mindfulness helps both. Life would be […]

Why Am I So Unlucky?! Actually, It’s Astonishing

why am i so unlucjy

Do you keep asking yourself, “Why am I so unlucky”? Are you unlucky with money? If so, it’s time for you to change your thoughts about money. Betting on sports teams and losing? Unlucky in love? Listen: Forget what you’ve heard about luck. It isn’t something that only happens for certain people. You can create […]