Self Inquiry Meditation Benefits & Technique: Discover Yourself

self inquiry meditation

Self inquiry meditation benefits you by helping you to see the nature of your true reality. The self inquiry meditation technique (instructions below) will help you to detach from Maya (the illusion of yourself and the world) and discover your innermost being. If you’ve tried the breathing meditations and techniques like Vipassana, you might be […]

Candle Gazing Meditation (Trataka) Benefits & Technique

candle gazing meditation

In this guide we will be looking at Candle Gazing Meditation (Trataka meditation): the benefits, instructions, and how to use the technique. So, what it Candle Gazing Meditation (or “Trataka Meditation”)? Trataka (Sanskrit Tratak) is a yogic modification of a tantric practice used to energise the third eye Ajna chakra. It was popularised in the […]

Kundalini Meditation Technique: Awaken Your Kundalini Energy

kundalini meditation technique

Kundalini meditation has earned something of a cult reputation amongst yogis. It is revered as a powerful meditation technique that can fully awaken your conscious awareness. And it is one of the most popular Yoga Meditations.  Kundalini meditation technique is said to do this by awakening kundalini energy, which is a lifeforce energy usually dormant […]

When is The Best Time to Do Yoga?

woman doing yoga in the morning sunrise

Yoga has a whole host of health benefits that make it a healthy addition to your workout schedule. That includes helping you build and sculpt muscle and calm and centre your body and mind. Like other forms of exercise, the time of day in which you do your yoga routine may play a part in […]

6 Best Mala Bead Necklaces And Bracelets For Sale In 2019

best mala prayer beads

Today we are going to be looking at the best mala beads necklaces and bracelets for sale online. And I will help you to choose which one to buy. In my big guide to Buddhist prayer bead malas I revealed everything there is to know about different types of malas and their meanings. If you […]

Netflix Show ‘Bikram’ Fighting To Get Yoga Rapist Jailed

bikram yogi guru predator

  New Netflix yoga show Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator brings to light the shocking reality of predators in yoga. The show, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and will air on Netflix in Autumn, begs us to ask why yoga predator Bikram Choundhury has not been dealt what many consider rightful punishment. Bikram […]

3 Dental Benefits From Yoga You Need To Know [Guest Post]

dental benefits of yoga

[Dental Health Guest Post] There is no doubt that practicing yoga delivers numerous health benefits to its practitioners. Some of those benefits are obvious; yoga helps to tone and shape our muscles and improve our posture. Yoga has been used for centuries and people today are becoming more aware of all the benefits that yoga […]

Are These The Best Yoga Blogs In The World?

top yoga blogs

We are proud to present TheDailyMeditation award for the world’s top yoga blogs. Has your site found its place in our list of yoga blogs? If so be sure to let your readers know the good news! (article shortlink:  )  Without further ado; the top 100 yoga blogs in the world. Checkout our list of top […]

Pick Your 7 Chakra Personality Type To See Your Best Meditation

seven chakra personality types

Today, we here at THE DAILY MEDITATION are going to show you how to find your seven chakra personality type. Chakra meditation is one of the most important meditation techniques. When you find your ruling chakra you will learn a ton about yourself and you will find the best meditation for you. We’ve asked our […]

Breath Of Fire Yoga Meditation Technique, Instructions, Benefits

breath of fire yoga meditation

Everyone is doing the yoga Breath Of Fire yoga meditation technique (a.k.a Kapalbhati / Skull Luster). It is one of the best meditations used in yoga. At a time when both yoga and meditation are taking the world by storm, this thousands-of-years-old meditation technique has suddenly become immensely popular, and it is easy to see […]

Best Yoga Chairs And Yoga Ball Chairs 2020

best yoga chair

To practice chair yoga safely, while protecting your body, you need one of the best yoga chairs or balls. These offer support while you exercise, which helps to keep you safe. Just like with meditation, where you need a good meditation chair to keep your posture right, you need a good yoga chair or yoga […]

Meditation & Yoga Furniture To Make Your Studio Complete

meditation furniture for yoga studio

How much meditation furniture and yoga furniture do you have in your yoga studio or meditation room? Do you have: A meditation chair? Shrine or alter? Mat? Room divider? How about a cosy little tea table and cushions for when you want a break Bench Yoga decals? If you only have a couple of pieces […]

Kundalini Mantras: What You Need To Know

woman sitting in lotus position doing kundalini yoga meditation

In this guide, you will discover the most powerful Kundalini mantras for creativity, change, healing, protection, and more. Kundalini yoga [1] is one of the most spiritual types of yoga (Read:  13 types of yoga) Unlike many other forms of yoga, Kundalini makes use of mantras. Mantras are spoken words or phrases that have health […]

44 Meditation Quotes To Inspire You

best meditation quotes

Oh boy do we love inspiring quotes here at THE DAILY MEDITATION. There are so many famous quotes about meditation , yoga, and similar subjects. That’s why I wanted to do something different. So I wrote my own inspiring quotes. It would mean the world to me if you, our readers, could leave a comment […]

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