Teach Yoga Online: Become A Yoga Teacher Today!

how to teach yoga online

In this guide I’m going to show you how to become a yoga teacher and how to teach yoga online. There is a lot of potential in being a yoga teacher. If you love the practice you will get so much out of it, and you will have a blast doing it. But becoming a […]

COVID-19: Don’t Reopen, Return To Yoga Class Says DDP

ddp yoga studio

Georgia, U.S—DDP [Diamond Dallas Page of DDP Yoga] recommends not reopening yoga studios or returning to yoga class—too early in COVID-19 pandemic. One question both yoga teachers and yoga students are asking during the COVID-19 pandemic is: When to reopen and return to yoga class. Trump’s plan recently called for gyms, including yoga studios and […]

NonProfit Helping Yoga Teachers Make Money… Supposedly

yoga class

Jacksonville, Florida—Nonprofit yoga company Yoga 4 Change offering yoga instructors a way to make money during COVID-19. Should you do it…? A non-profit yoga company in Jacksonville, Florida, is currently looking for yoga teachers to make yoga videos at home during the global pandemic. Florida has been hit worse by COVID-19 than the majority of […]

Yoga International Community Partners Program Poses Big Questions

yoga international community program

HONESDALE, Pa., March 25, 2020   – Yoga International Community Partner’s Program promises to help yoga studios during COVID-19. But should you trust it?  As you will know if you have been following THE DAILY MEDITATION on social media or our newsletter, amidst COVID 19 many yoga studios are moving their classes online. COVID-19 forced […]

Cat-Yoga Studio Proves You Can Open A Yoga Group Anywhere

cat yoga class

Cat yoga is the newest thing. It was bound to happen, when you think about it. The surge in popularity and the general adoration of cats online means that these two were bound to get together sometime. And now they have. Yes, adding to the list of more than 28 styles of yoga is now […]

This New Bangkok Yoga Studio Will Inspire Your Home Design

vikasa yoga studio bangkok

One new yoga studio in Bangkok is the perfect inspiration for your at-home yoga studio. In my experience as a mindfulness instructor, one of the best things you can do to get more from your meditation and yoga practice is to redesign your home so it is conducive to inner peace and relaxation. There are […]

Coronavirus and Yoga Studios: A Dangerous Connection?

coronavrius at yoga studios

Is it safe to go to the yoga studio while coronavirus is spreading? And if you run a yoga studio, what steps can you take to prevent coronavirus from spreading in your studio? Sweat cannot transmit the coronavirus, but some items at the yoga studio that are frequently touched could cause a threat, says a […]