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 Zen Meditation And The Zen Lifestyle

Welcome to the “Zen” section of The Daily Meditation. In this section we look in depth at Zen, including:

  • Zen meditation techniques.
  • How to haven a Zen attitude in your everyday life
  • How to have a Zen living space, including a Zen garden,
  • and more.

Here are some of our most popular Zen articles:

Zen Meditation Technique: Perhaps the most important thing to know about Zen is how to do Zen meditation techniques. I love Zen meditation. And I want to share my passion with you. That’s why I’ve written an in-depth guide to Zen meditation technique.

How To Live In The Moment: Zen is all about living in the moment with “present moment mindfulness”. This is a positive attitude that I would like to help you to create in your own life. Take a look at my guide to Living In The Moment.

Zen Garden Meditation: Have you ever been to a Zen garden? They are fabulous, relaxing places that are perfect for meditation. And you can design one for your own home. Take a look at my guide to Zen Garden Meditation.