10 + Zen Ideas For You To Try Today

Welcome to the “Zen” section of The Daily Meditation. In this section we look in depth at Zen, including:

  • Zen meditation techniques.
  • How to haven a Zen attitude in your everyday life
  • How to have a Zen living space, including a Zen garden,
  • and more.

Here are some of our most popular Zen articles:

Zen Meditation Technique: Perhaps the most important thing to know about Zen is how to do Zen meditation techniques. I love Zen meditation. And I want to share my passion with you. That’s why I’ve written an in-depth guide to Zen meditation technique.

How To Live In The Moment: Zen is all about living in the moment with “present moment mindfulness”. This is a positive attitude that I would like to help you to create in your own life. Take a look at my guide to Living In The Moment.

Zen Garden Meditation: Have you ever been to a Zen garden? They are fabulous, relaxing places that are perfect for meditation. And you can design one for your own home. Take a look at my guide to Zen Garden Meditation.

8 Best Meditation Cushions, Pillows And Mats Youll Love In 2019
Choosing the right meditation cushion is important to your practice. Your meditation cushion should be comfortable and provide good support for your posture. Read our guide to the best meditation cushions below.

8 Best Meditation Cushions, Pillows And Mats Youll Love In 2019

If you're a serious meditator, you really need one of the best meditation cushions / meditation pillows and a good meditation mat too. A good meditation seat will massively improve your…

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