Best Meditation Music Artists Who Make You Relax


In this list of the best meditation music I will be sharing tunes from all over the world, chosen by me, a meditation teacher and musician for more than 30 years (Hi.). We will look at all the best meditation music of different styles, including Zen meditation music, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and more. And we […]

Garden Meditation Design Ideas & Tips

garden meditation area

In this tutorial, we will be looking at how to make a meditation garden, with lots of design ideas for inspiration. I simply love the energy in a beautiful garden. And one of the best ways to make your garden even better is to create a garden meditation area. A garden meditation area is a […]

How To Zen Your Home To Make It Relaxing To Be In

how to zen your home

Once you know how to Zen your home, it will be so much easier to relax in your house or apartment. In this guide we’ll look at how to make a Zen home. Of course the main benefit of this is sheer relaxation. Relaxing is something a lot of us struggle with. I personally find it […]

9 Best Zen Books Beginners Will Love In 2021

best zen books

 In this guide, I’ll be sharing with you all the best Zen books for beginners to read in 2021. Buddhism has become highly popular in the past 50 years thanks to the likes of Jack Kornfield and D. T. Suzuki. Today, there are hundreds of books about Zen and the philosophies therein.  Picking the best […]

Loving Kindness Meditation Script (Metta Bhavana) – Short & Long

loving kindness meditation

The Buddhist Loving Kindness Meditation script (traditionally called Metta Bhavana) is one of the most popular types of meditation and is often taught by famous meditation teachers like Sharon Salzberg, Tara Brach, Pema Chodron, Jack Kornfield and others. There are both short version and long versions of the script, and we look at both in […]

Zen meditation Room: Ideas For Your Zen Space

meditation room

In this guide, I am going to share my best ideas for Zen meditation rooms at home. I’ll show you how to design a meditation room you can relax in so your home will be more Zen.  If you’re a proud homeowner who loves meditating, you are going to get so much out of this […]

Ultimate Guide To Buddhist Meditation Techniques For Beginners

buddhist meditation for beginners

There are lots of different Buddhist meditation techniques with unique benefits. In this guide I will share the best types of Buddhist meditation for beginners. In Buddhism, meditation is called Bhavana or Jnana. And the purpose of meditation in Buddhism, according to Kamalashila, is to create a calm, luminous mind and to reach enlightenment. [READ: […]

Best Meditation Cushions For Bad Knees & Bad Backs

meditation cushion guide

In my list of the best meditation cushions to buy, you’ll find Zafus, Zabutons, pillows and mats to use for meditation to help with bad knees and bad backs, so the pain stops and you can sit comfortably with good posture. If you’re a serious meditator, you need a good meditation seat to help you […]

Zen Meditation Techniques Beginners Need To Know

zen meditation techniques for beginners

In this guide to Zen meditation techniques, beginners will learn how to do Zazen meditation and other methods, along with the benefits, hand positions, and sitting postures. Each of the different types of Zen meditation has various benefits, so it is worth trying all of them. And if you follow our newsletter, you certainly will […]

5 Non Religious Meditations For Atheists, Agnostics

meditation for atheists

Yes, there are non-religious meditations for atheists and agnostics. And no matter what some hardcore religious people might tell you, you have just as much right to practice meditation as anyone else has, whether you’re atheist, agnostic or, well, anyone else. As a mindfulness teacher, I’ve taught non-religious meditation to atheists and agnostics for years. Many […]

Zen Gardens: What You Need To Know About Japanese Rock Gardens

how to make a japanese rock garden for zen

In this tutorial, we will look at how to make a Japanese Rock Garden (Zen garden) at home. You’ll learn the benefits of rock garden landscaping, how to use them for meditation, and how to tend to your sand/gravel in a mindful way. If you love DIY and Zen, you will also definitely want to […]

121 Buddhist Proverbs To Share With Your Friends [Quotes List]

Buddhist proverbs are truly inspiring. In the Buddhist quotes below you can see all the wisdom of Buddha. Over the years, many beautiful minds have spoken or written about the Zen way of life. Eckhart Tolle. Thich Nhat Hanh, Jack Kornfield… and all the other spiritual gurus [READ: List of the Best Spiritual Gurus]  While […]

What The Buddhist Mara Demon Teaches Us About Life And Attachments

Budhist mara demon art

Do you know the story from Buddhism of the mara demon and Buddha? It is a Buddhist teaching that is all about freeing your mind To free your mind, you need to know how to stop what Buddhism calls the Mara (demon) from controlling you. Just like how Buddha stopped Mara. While the Buddha was […]

Ultimate Guide To Zen Walking Meditation Technique [Kinhin Script]

zen monk doing zen walking meditation technique

In this tutorial we will look at the Zen walking meditation technique (Kinhin), script,and benefits. This is a great complement to seated meditation because it gets your body moving. Zen walking meditation techniques, or “Kinhin”, is a traditional form of Buddhist mindfulness that offers many health benefits. It is one of my favourite Chan meditation […]