There is no such thing as a cure-all — but CBD seems to be coming close. Already, FDA-approved medications relying on CBD’s miraculous effects are becoming available to sufferers of epilepsy and schizophrenia, and doctors across the country are encouraging those who experience chronic pain, depression and anxiety to partake in CBD products.

Even if you don’t have a serious or debilitating disease, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD. CBD stimulates the body’s natural systems to relax and heal, so following a schedule of CBD treatment, you can ensure that you remain healthily rested and mindful for all your waking hours.

In the Morning

For many marijuana enthusiasts, the wake-and-bake is a beloved ritual that helps them get out of bed and face the day without anxiety or dread. Indeed, a morning buzz does seem to be a bit more intense, helping you feel energized and focused on the day ahead. However, not everyone wants to get out of bed feeling a bit foggy from THC. If you want the benefits of a wake-and-bake without the distracting high, you should consider substituting old-fashioned weed for new-fangled CBD.

Unless you need CBD treatment immediately upon waking — for chronic pain, nausea or some other ongoing symptom management — you should consider ingesting CBD in the morning with your morning meal.

CBD capsules and edibles can deliver high doses of CBD, but they often don’t take effect until an hour or more after consumption, and it can be difficult to regulate exactly how much CBD enters your system. Thus, ingestibles are best for long-term stress management as opposed to precise or immediate delivery.

There are a few different ingestible CBD products appropriate for morning use. Capsules have the most regulated dosage of CBD, but you should avoid taking capsules on an empty stomach to prevent any potential side-effects, like light-headedness or dry mouth. You can purchase CBD-only edibles, some of which are appropriate for your morning meal, like protein bars, dried fruit and muffins. You can also drop CBD oil into your breakfast; it integrates particularly well into smoothies and hot cereals. If you get your dosage right, you should begin to experience the relaxing effects of CBD in an hour or so, and you should continue to enjoy those effects for several hours thereafter.

In the Evening

Many people bear the brunt of stress or anxiety in the evening, after a full day of activity causes their minds to spiral with tasks they need to accomplish in the coming days or weeks or thoughts and fears about their behavior over the past few waking hours. Yet, the body and mind need to be relaxed to drift quickly and easily into a restful sleep.

Early studies have found that CBD can help sufferers manage sleep diseases like insomnia. Likely, CBD’s effects on the brain’s serotonin levels as well as its ability to lower blood pressure help the body prepare for sleep, ensuring that you receive a full sleep cycle that helps your body repair and prepare for another day.

In the evening, you should consider administering CBD oil sublingually, which means dropping it underneath your tongue. The skin of your mouth is thin, especially below your tongue, and there is a concentration of capillaries that will carry CBD into your bloodstream quickly. The effects of sublingual administration tend to occur swiftly and linger in the body, giving you enough time to ready yourself for bed and fall asleep, stress-free.

As Needed

By taking CBD in the morning, you will quell any fears and face the day with calm confidence; by taking CBD in the evening, you should erase any nagging thoughts and be able to achieve a restful sleep. However, if you still need to control other strong feelings of stress throughout the day, you should turn to other CBD products that provide faster and more targeted effects.

There are two types of CBD products that are ideal for as-needed administration. Vape tools allow you to inhale CBD, which is by far the fastest way to deliver CBD into your system — but it also has the shortest duration of effect. Thus, vaping isn’t an ideal long-term stress management solution; it should only serve to supplement other, longer-lasting CBD methods. Additionally, you might consider using topical CBD products like salves, creams and lotions. Often, CBD topicals are bolstered with essential oils, like lavender, citrus or basil, which can also calm the mind and relax the body. Though CBD administered on the skin only effects the immediate area, the experience of applying it might be soothing.

CBD certainly does something to relieve anxiety and encourage tranquility and peace. If you need a little something extra to feel relaxed, you might try one or more of these CBD solutions throughout the day.

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Written by Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.