About The Daily Meditation: Online Meditation Studio

The Daily Meditation is a primarily online meditation studio situated in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The studio was founded on the guiding principle of giving people back the inner peace that many have lost in this day and age. We believe in giving genuine guidance based on a combination of ancient wisdom and the latest scientific research.

THE studio was established in 2012 by our founder, renowned private teacher Paul M Harrison, author of four bestselling books on meditation and a qualified teacher with more than twenty years’ experience. To be fair, he is also just a regular guy who is crazy about cats, nature, spirituality, art, and compassion.

Regarded as a leader in bringing traditional meditation to the modern age, Paul Harrison has been featured in more than 30 major publications including Healthline, Psychology Today, Well + Good, Thrive, LionsRoar, and Better Homes & Gardens.

When Paul isn’t reading or writing, he’s teaching. He’s highly regarded for his ability to compassionately understand his students’ needs and to create custom sessions that are perfect for each individual student, whether in a private, group, or corporate setting.

As well as our private, group, and corporate sessions, THE DAILY MEDITATION offers an expansive suite of content designed to help you learn mindfulness, including our in-depth articles, video series, and podcast.

Address: 223 Garside AVE.S, Hamilton, ON, CA, L8K2W6 

Tel: 289 689 5034

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