About The Daily Meditation: Online Meditation Studio

The Daily Meditation is a primarily online meditation studio situated in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The studio was founded on the guiding principle of giving people back the inner peace that many have lost in this day and age. We believe in giving genuine guidance based on a combination of ancient wisdom and the latest scientific research.

The studio was established in 2012 by our founder, renowned private teacher Paul Harrison, author of four bestselling books on meditation and a qualified teacher with more than twenty years’ experience. To be fair, he is also just a regular guy who is crazy about cats, nature, spirituality, art, and compassion.

Regarded as a leader in bringing traditional meditation to the modern age, Paul Harrison has been featured in more than 30 major publications including Healthline, Psychology Today, Well + Good, Thrive, LionsRoar, and Better Homes & Gardens.

When Paul isn’t reading or writing, he’s teaching. He’s highly regarded for his ability to compassionately understand his students’ needs and to create custom sessions that are perfect for each individual student, whether in a private, group, or corporate setting.

As well as our private, group, and corporate sessions, THE DAILY MEDITATION offers an expansive suite of content designed to help you learn mindfulness, including our in-depth articles, video series, and podcast.


Address: 223 Garside AVE.S, Hamilton, ON, CA, L8K2W6 

Tel: 289 689 5034

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“The first day I got to meet Mr. Harrison I just felt this aura of kindness, he kindly explained in a concise manner and asked what I wanted to focus on and adjusted meditation techniques based on what I’m struggling with! As we got to do different meditations I realized how diverse it is and beneficial it was for me. Overall, I love how Mr. Harrison presents himself and showed me a variety of methods I can use to smooth my worries!”

-Lesley Gutierrez

“Understanding and proficient instructor. Makes meditation very accessible from someone that was a novice. My only real complaint is that the sessions aren’t longer.” – John Ko

“Group meditation session was wonderful. Paul took the time to explain the technique we would be using and how it could be useful before getting started.” -Belle Mendoza

“Great teacher! Every time I go to one of his mediations it is incredibly soothing.” -Tara Cicora

“Paul was so relaxing with this meditation. I had a headache when I started the meditation. It was gone at the end. My whole being was so relaxed. The awareness of the breath is key. Thanks so much. If you have the opportunity to meditate with Paul you will want to do it again. Peace!” -Lisa G R

“Very relaxing meditation session. It gave me more tools to use in my tool kit. Thank you for sharing.” -Michael Mcardle

“Paul is a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend him for meditation sessions. His website breaks down the different types of meditation and is a treasure trove of information.” -Nadine D

“Paul is an excellent and affordable meditation teacher that has helped me develop my daily meditation practice after struggling significantly on my own.” -Zack Gallinger

“Paul has a way with knowing how to make you feel calm and peaceful while meditating. He has shown me great concepts to practice and he always reaches out to me to see how i’m doing with the practices. I highly recommend if you need help meditating or even if you want to see how calm it makes you feel. When I am anxious or need to calm down, his meditations are extremely helpful. Overall a great guy and worth trying his lessons!” -Charles Scarafile

“I am over the moon with the results I am getting from these meditation sessions. I have been meditating for about 2 years, consistently. I love this path, and as a result, I wanted to improve my meditation. Paul, however, has completely revolutionised my meditation practice. I no longer think of the claims that meditators make about this practice as hyperbole. I have learnt that there are a lot of poor meditation teachers, and a lot of misinformation. Go to Paul, now. Become a better, more empowered person.” -Prem Singh Bhuller

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