Actually, THIS Is How To Use Prayer Beads For Meditation
Actually, THIS Is How To Use Prayer Beads For Meditation

In my Ultimate Guide To Malas I introduced malas and why they are my favorite piece of spiritual jeweler. Now let’s discuss how to use prayer beads for meditation in the right way. 

Yes, malas look just gorge in their boho chic style, and they’re an awesome fashion accessory, but when you’re using malas to meditate you also need to know what you’re doing.

As a meditation teacher I often see people wearing malas the wrong way and meditating with them incorrectly.  If you want to use malas for healing you do have to use them properly in order to maximise the effects.

In this guide I’ll show you how to wear mala beads on the wrist and neck, and how to meditate with prayer beads.And if you’re looking for a new mala, I’ll show you my picks of the best mala beads to buy,

How To Wear Mala Necklaces And Bracelets

 There is a right way to wear mala necklaces and a wrong way. If you want to heal with malas all you have to do is put them around your neck and you’re ready to get going on your yoga practice. Simple.  But if you want to get the most out of them you can wear multiple malas at the same time. This looks beautiful because you get different textures and colours to compliment your style, plus you get the multi-dimensional benefits of the malas for healing.

Even though wearing mala beads is simple there are a couple of points you should know about it. For starters, you shouldn’t let your mala beads touch the ground because this will interfere with the energy resonance. If you do accidentally drop your mala you will want to cleanse it in salt water.

You also might not want to let other people touch your mala beads because they can transmit their own energy to them that way. Whether you choose to follow these rules for wearing mala beads will depend on your own beliefs. So if you don’t believe it matters then, hey, no sweat.

There are rules for wearing mala bracelets too. Most yogis believe they should be worn on the right wrist, although I personally do not follow this and instead wear them on the left (it’s a matter of personal belief, after all).  I honestly don’t think wearing mala beads on the left hand is a problem.  Do you?

 So, there are a few rules for wearing mala beads but you can choose whether or not to go along with them.

What matters more is how to meditate with mala beads.

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How To Use Prayer Beads For Meditation

As well as being a fab fashion accessory, mala beads are a powerful tool for meditation. By learning how to use prayer beads for meditation you will be more able to focus when you meditate. The process of rolling the beads in your fingers is a gentle motion that helps to calm the mind and focus your attention.

Take a look at your mala. Notice that you have a tassel, which you will reach once you go all the way around your mala, which is usually 108 beads. Then you’re got a big bead that is called the “guru” bead. And there are 108 beads on the necklace. These are all the important parts of your prayer beads necklace.  

When you hold your prayer beads in meditation you will want to hold them in your dominant hand with the tassel pointing towards you. You then start with the big bead, the “guru” bead in your right hand. With each breath of your meditation, or with each mantra recitation, you will move one bead along the necklace. Move the beads using your thumb instead of your index finger because the index finger represents the ego. Keep meditating until you reach the guru bead.

You will also want to coordinate your breathing with the mala when meditating. To do this move the mala bead as you breathe in and you might like to count the breath too. The same thing applies when you use a mantra. For instance, if I’m meditating on “Om” I will breathe in, move the mala bead one across, recite “Om”, breathe out, and then breathe in again and move to the next bead.

One good thing to do when meditating with prayer beads is to make sure you move the beads in a calm way. If you try to rush your meditation you will notice that you hold the beads too tight and move them in a violent way. Go gently with them. Feel the smoothness of the beads and let that smoothness relax your mind. That’s the best way to use prayer beads for meditation.


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