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The Daily Meditation is an authority in the areas of spirituality, meditation, and positive living. We enjoy a readership of approximately 80,000 unique page views per month, all of which are specifically targeted to readers interested in spirituality and healthy living.


Here’s a snapshot of some of the many reasons to advertise with The Daily Meditation:


  • All content is specifically targeted to the spiritual / natural health niche.
  • Some of the topics The Daily Meditation ranks for include: Meditation, Buddhism, mantras, mudras, spiritual books, spiritual blogs, spiritual health, conscious living, meditation CDs and DVDs, guided meditations and more.
  • We serve a highly targeted niche, so all our readers will be interested in your products.



What type of products are particularly successful on The Daily Meditation?


Some of the most successful advertising campaigns on The Daily Meditation include:

  • Meditation and spiritual books and DVDs
  • Products used for meditation (malas, cushions, statues, crystals, etc.)
  • Meditation and spiritual courses
  • Consultations on meditation, spirituality, and healthy living.
  • Spiritual and meditation apps




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