Alex Terrazas’ Extreme Yoga Nightmare A Horrific Wake-Up Call

extreme yoga accident alex terrazas

Mexican Alex Terrazas was rushed to hospital when she fell 80 feet off her balcony in Mexico.

23 year-old yogi Alex Terrazas was trying an “Extreme Yoga Pose” in which she rested her entire bodyweight on the edge of her balcony when she lost control of the asana and fell 80 feet.

A health and nutrition student, Terrazas was focused on helping other people live healthy lives, but following her yoga accident she has been left in near-fatal condition.

Paramedics from the Red Cross and Nuevo Leon Civil Protection took Terrazas to hospital, where she underwent an eleven-hour surgery. Doctors completely reconstructed Terrazas legs. It will be three years before she walks again and she may possibly never be able to practice yoga again.

 Neighbours say that they are accustomed to seeing Terrazas practicing crazy Extreme Yoga poses over her balcony. She would often take photos of her extreme yoga moves and post them on social media.


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Alex Terrazas’ Extreme Yoga Accident Is A Wake Up Call For Crazy Millennials

The world’s gone kinda bonkers, hasn’t it? We’ve got kids swallowing Tide pods, people abducting each other, choking each other till they pass out. And now we have people doing extreme yoga and falling 80 feet so they can’t even walk again.

Crazy thing is, this Extreme Yoga has nothing to do with yoga at all. It’s not like yoga guru Patanjali [1] said, “Kill yourself hanging upside down.” That’s damn sure not part of traditional yoga.

And it’s not a one off either.

Today we’ve got goat yoga, rave yoga, horse yoga, and a million other crazy yoga styles ya never knew existed.

And than there’s the yoga pants craze in which yoga has been turned from a genuine spiritual practice into some sort of softcore fetish.

What the hell is happening to yoga?


What The Hell Is The Future Of Yoga Now?

All of this got me thinking: What in the hell is the future of yoga? Because yoga today is about a million miles away from what yoga originally was.

Originally, yoga was a philosophical and spiritual practice that was about achieving enlightenment every bit as much as Buddhism is.

Today’s it’s about the yoga pants. As a red blooded man I can deal with the yoga pants. But then we get to the Extreme Yoga practitioners like Alex Terrazas, and a million other millennials, who see yoga as an opportunity to look good and get followers on social media. It’s about being cool more than it is being enlightened.

And all this makes me worry about the future of yoga.

As someone who is deeply passionate about actual, traditional yoga, I have to ask myself: What does the future of yoga look like?  Girls in tight yoga pants falling 80 feet to near-death?  That’s not the yoga I know and love. How about you?




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