All Our Best Meditation Scripts

In this guide you can find all my best meditations scripts. Most of these I created to help specific students in my online meditation lessons.

You may use these scripts for your individual practice. You may not use them for professional purposes. 

Let’s get started. 

Meditation Script for Acceptance 

Acceptance is a hugely important part of meditation and Buddhism, along with other spiritualities. In this meditation script I provide a clear path to acceptance.

Meditation Script for Confidence, Self Esteem

Many of my students in my online meditation lessons are interested in increasing confidence. And no wonder, because self esteem levels are abnormally low over recent years. But this free guided meditation script can help.

Meditation Script for Letting Go

In order to achieve inner peace we need to let go of all the things that are holding us back. This could include memories, thoughts, beliefs, and relationships. This guided meditation script will help you to let go.

Meditation for Inner Peace 

As meditators, we all want to cultivate inner peace. We want that feeling of deep relaxation and inner peace. This meditation script helps.

Meditation to Quit Drinking 

Alcoholism rates are high, especially over the last few years. And many of my students comes to me because they want to use meditation to quit drinking. This tutorial shows you how. 

Meditation for Grounding 

Grounding refers to both “Having both feet on the ground” and connecting with the Earth. We use grounding to feel stable and inwardly still. And this meditation session helps. 

Meditation for Love 

This meditation script for love will help you to feel more compassion and also to improve the relationships in your life. It is also a great meditation for couples.

Meditation for Atheists 

A series of meditation scripts for people who are not interested in religion and don’t want to be spiritual. Mostly based on mindfulness techniques.

Meditation for Forgiveness 

Forgiveness is something we all need. Whether you want to forgive your partner, ex, friend, or family member, these are the best meditation scripts for you.

Meditation for Concentration 

Most meditation techniques help with concentration. However, some are more powerful than others. These are the best meditation scripts for concentration.

Meditation for Weight Loss 

Methods like mindful eating and guided meditation can help you to lose weight. See this guide.


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Meditation for Fear 

Meditation for Being Present

Anti Aging Meditation 

Meditation for Athletes 

Meditation for Relaxation 


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