Alpha meditation techniques are methods that specifically let you access your alpha mind power.

Science shows that meditative practices do increase alpha brainwaves—my personal favourite is the technique that I’ve shared below.

As a mind-athlete, I train my mind every day. From personal experience, I’ve found that understanding and using different brain states can make a huge difference in our lives.

So let’s investigate alpha meditation technique so you too can access your alpha stage of mind.

What Are Alpha Meditation And Alpha Mind Power?

The human mind is one of the most amazing and sophisticated machines in the universe, especially once you learn to tap into your subconscious mind power.

When you know how to use your mind properly, you gain immense strength.

One of the most important aspects of the brain to understand is how and why the brain switches between different states.

The brain is constantly alive with electrical activity because neurons use electricity for communication. Neuron cells send electrical signals to other neurons and this produces brain waves. You can actually see those brain waves if you look at an EEG (electroencephalogram), which is when a places electrodes on the scalp that send your brain’s electrical activity to a machine.

There are five frequencies of brain waves. And Alpha is in the middle of those five. That’s why Alpha is a great balanced state of mind to be in. Incidentally it is also the first of the brain waves to be discovered. German psychiatrist Hans Berger discovered it after he invented the EEG.

When we talk about “states of mind” we are talking about the frequency of brainwave signals. There are many different frequencies, with the main four being Beta, Theta, Delta, and Alpha.

The brainwave frequencies:

brain waves chart and frequencies
brain waves frequency chart 

The human mind naturally switches from one dominant brain wave to another at various times during the day, depending on what we are doing.

Alpha mind is the term that scientists use to describe right-brain activity, which is mostly associated with creativity, imagination, memory and intuition  [2]. The Alpha state of mind occurs with brain activity between 8 and 12 Hz (cycles per second).

Although the brain naturally switches between mind states throughout the day, we can learn to deliberately induce these state through various techniques, such as Alpha Meditation.

Meditation is the science and practice of focusing the mind on one thing at a time, and is often done by focusing on the breath. There are many different meditation techniques, ranging from Buddhist methods like Vipassana, to more modern approaches such as Alpha Meditation.

What are the best brain wave frequencies for meditation?

Some of my students have asked me what the best brain wave frequencies for meditation are. It depends. There are benefits of each brain wave frequency. The slower ones are there for resting and healing. The faster ones are there for concentration and productivity. So as you can see, it really depends on what you want to get out of meditation.


What does Alpha State feel like?

The best way to describe it is “Wakeful”. 

Alpha state feels like a natural and easy state of mind. When you’re in this you’re relaxed and feeling restful, but you are also able to focus enough to complete tasks. Basically it feels like “Easy mode”.

 This state of mind feels like a state of light relaxation.

Have you ever been driving your car at night when you’re relaxed and driving safely but at the same time you feel like you’re just chilling?

Or have you ever been reading a book when you drift away in it? You’re still conscious, but you’re not aware of what’s happening around you, you’re simply engrossed in the book?

Perhaps you’ve been doing a creative pursuit like painting a work of art when you start to feel incredibly relaxed while still being productive. That’s alpha mind power.

Alpha state of mind occurs at a brainwave frequency of between 8 and 12 Hz and is characterized by relaxed consciousness. It’s a great state of mind for when you’re absorbing information. That’s why it’s a great state of mind for studying.

Alpha mind is healing to. It’s a state in which the brain is more relaxed and there is next to no stress. This gives the body an opportunity to focus on what it does best: Healing itself. 

Benefits of alpha state of mind

The Effect Of Meditation on Alpha Mind Power

Scientific research shows that specific meditation techniques can increase alpha brainwaves [3].

Research from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology shows that these brainwaves increase in the posterior parts of the brain during meditation.  The researchers state that “This wave type has been used as a universal sign of relaxation during meditation and other types of rest…  these waves increase when the brain relaxes from intentional, goal-oriented tasks. This is a sign of deep relaxation…”

The researchers state that meditation makes us more aware of the spontaneous wandering of the mind and that this “wandering” helps the brain to connect different kinds of mental processing and experiences and put them into perspective.  This is important for removing excessive information from the mind and can help us to relax.

However, if you want to meditate to increase alpha mind power, some methods are better than others. Try the technique I’ve shared below.

 How To Access Alpha State Of Mind With Meditation

Alpha meditation slows brain waves to half of their regular frequency, to 8-12 pulsations a second, a rate which, as you will find, creates great relaxation and refreshes the body.

Here’s how to get into Alpha State with a simple meditative practice.

  1. Sit somewhere quiet and relaxing. Put on the sound of a Tibetan Singing Bowl (you can use a recording, but it is best to have your own singing bowl.).
  2. Ground yourself. To do this, inhale deeply through the nose and release any stress.
  3. Focus on your breathing. Alpha breathing is deep and diaphragmatic. But you don’t have to fore this state of breathing.  You will naturally start alpha breathing once you’ve been mediating for a few minutes.
  4. Continue meditating on your breath until your heart rate has slowed.
  5. As you relax and let go of stress, you will gradually begin to increase alpha brain waves. This is also when you will naturally start to perform alpha breathing.
  6. Visualize a mental picture of the number 3 three times, then repeat with the number 2 and finally 1.
  7. Now visualize yourself in a relaxing environment, somewhere divine and serene. Visualize this area in detail.
  8. See the scene in detail; noticing the colours and the shapes. Vividly imagine this incredibly relaxing scene.
  9. Hear it.
  10. Feel it.
  11. Touch it.
  12. Taste it.
  13. You should feel as though you are actually inside this visualization. Stay here for at least ten minutes (or 54 breaths) THE DAILY MEDITATION’s Facebook fans report tell us they find this technique highly relaxing and excellent for boosting focus. Many of our student-followers report that alpha meditation technique helps them to focus on studying.
  14. Count from 5 to 1 and open your eyes. You have now accessed alpha state of mind.

You will find this method very relaxing, and it will help you to process information, which is beneficial to both work and personal life.

Note that there are many  alpha state meditation techniques. Most deep breathing meditative exercises will let you get into the same state. One especially good method is Acem or “Open Meditation”, where the mind is not focused on any one thing but rather open to our present environment.

When To Use Alpha Meditation and Alpha Mind Power

It is best to use this mental state when you want a relaxed but productive state of mind. For instance, if you are doing a creative endeavour like painting the house and you want to be productive while also being relaxed, that is a great time to access alpha mind power.

Some scientific research suggests that this mental state is also advantageous for memory. You might like to use Alpha Meditation before studying so that you can relax while studying and also retain more of the information that you study.

Ultimately, look for times when a relaxed but productive state of mind would be ideal. Use Alpha Meditation at those times.

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Written by Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a qualified meditation teacher and writer with more than 15 years experience in meditation and mindfulness. He studied meditation in Oxford, UK, and Hamilton Ontario Canada, and earned his degree at Staffordshire University. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

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  1. When is the best time to do Alpha Meditation?
    I have heared if u wish anything at alpha state it’s impossible not to get it. Please advice

    1. Hi Sundari. Use alpha when you want to have a more relaxed, imaginative and creative mind. This will vary depending on your lifestyle. For instance if you work in a creative job (writer / designer / inventor) then you can use alpha to make yourself more creative at work. Otherwise, use alpha anytime you want to come up with new ideas.

      You can also use alpha to improve your memory, though I personally do not use it for this.

      Alpha will help you achieve things in life, Sundari, yet it is not some cosmic miracle that will grant all your wishes. Use it as a tool for your mind.

      Hope that helps 🙂

    2. Sundari,
      You seem to sound as dumb as your question. I would advice you not to do meditation if you want to have materialistic gains.

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