How To Do Alpha Meditation For Alpha Mind Power
How To Do Alpha Meditation For Alpha Mind Power

Alpha meditation techniques are meditations that specifically let you access your alpha mind power.

Science shows that meditative practices do increase alpha brainwaves—my personal favorite is the technique that I’ve shared below.

As a mind-athlete I train my mind every day. From personal experience, I’ve found that understanding and using the different brain states can make a huge difference in our lives.

So let’s investigate alpha meditation technique so you too can access your alpha mind power. 

What is alpha mind power state?

The human mind is one of the most amazing and complex machines in the universe. Especially once you learn to tap into the power of your subconscious mind power.

When you know how to use your mind properly you gain immense strength.

When you’re learning how to use your mind, one thing you need to learn about are the different brain states.

When we talk about “states of mind” we are talking about the frequency of brainwave signals. There are many different frequencies, with the main four being Beta, Theta, Delta, and Alpha.

The brain wave frequencies:

  • Gamma (38-42)
  • Beta (13-38)
  •  Alpha (8-12)
  • Theta (4-8)
  • Delta (0-4).

The human mind naturally switches from one dominant brain wave to another at various times during the day depending on what we are doing.

Enlightened people like us, however, are able to voluntarily change state of mind. For instance, I will use alpha brain for writing because scientific research shows that alpha brain makes us more creative [1]. Though there are other excellent ways of boosting creativity.

Accessing these different states of mind requires brain-training. And the best way to do that is with meditation.

Why Is Alpha Mind Power So Important?

Alpha brain feels like a state of light relaxation.  

Have you ever been driving your car at night when you’re relaxed and driving safely but at the same time you feel like you’re just chilling?

Or have you ever been reading a book when you drift away in it?You’re still conscious but you’re not aware of what’s happening around you you’re just engrossed in the book?

That’s alpha mind power.

Alpha state of mind occurs at a brainwave frequency of between 9Hz and 14Hx and is characteristed by relaxed consciousness. It’s a great state of mind for when you’re absorbing information. That’s why it’s a great state of mind for focusing on studies.

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 How to do alpha meditation technique to access your alpha mind power: 

Alpha meditation slows the brain waves to half of their normal frequency, to 8-12 pulsations a second, a rate which, as you will find, creates great relaxation and refreshes the body.

  1. Sit somewhere quiet and relaxing. Put on the sound of a Tibetan Singing Bowl (you can use a recording but it is best to have your own singing bowl. Studies show that listening to these instruments quickly boosts alpha-brain-wave activity)
  2. Ground yourself. To do this, inhale deeply through the nose and release any stress in your mind (personally I used Nine Round Breathing for this)
  3. Focus your mind on your breathing.
  4. Continue meditating on your breath until your heartrate has slowed.
  5. As your mind slowly relaxes and you let go of stress, you begin to increase alpha brain waves.
  6. Visualize a mental picture of the number 3 three times, then repeat with the number 2 and finally 1.
  7. Now visualize yourself in a relaxing environment, somewhere divine and serene. Visualise this area in detail (you might need to train your imagination to do this).
  8. See the scene in detail. See the colours. See the shapes. Truly imagine this incredibly relaxing scene.
  9. Hear it.
  10. Feel it.
  11. Touch it.
  12. Taste it.
  13. You should feel as though you are actually inside this visualization. Stay here for at least ten minutes (or 54 breaths)
  14. Count from 5 to 1 and open your eyes.

THE DAILY MEDITATION’s Facebook fans report tell us they find this technique highly relaxing and excellent for boosting focus. Many of our student-followers report that alpha meditation technique helps them to focus on studying.   .

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Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher, author and journalist based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential.

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  2. When is the best time to do Alpha Meditation?
    I have heared if u wish anything at alpha state it’s impossible not to get it. Please advice

    1. Hi Sundari. Use alpha when you want to have a more relaxed, imaginative and creative mind. This will vary depending on your lifestyle. For instance if you work in a creative job (writer / designer / inventor) then you can use alpha to make yourself more creative at work. Otherwise, use alpha anytime you want to come up with new ideas.

      You can also use alpha to improve your memory, though I personally do not use it for this.

      Alpha will help you achieve things in life, Sundari, yet it is not some cosmic miracle that will grant all your wishes. Use it as a tool for your mind.

      Hope that helps 🙂

    2. Sundari,
      You seem to sound as dumb as your question. I would advice you not to do meditation if you want to have materialistic gains.

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