10 Curious Health Benefits Of Tea You’ll Be Surprised By

benefts of drinking tea

The negative health effects of drinking too much tea are well known. What’s less well known is that there are plenty of health benefits of black tea when you drink the right amount (a few cups a day maximum). That’s great news for people who love tea (like myself, and every other Brit in the world). Black tea has been considered a lesser kind of tea than, say, green tea, but there are still plenty of health benefits from your favorite old black tea. Let’s take a look.

The Tea Trade Health Research Association conducted studies into the effect of black tea on oral health. Their conclusions show that black tea reduces plaque and helps to kill bacteria. This in turn helps prevent tooth decay and cavities. At the same time, polyphenols in black tea prevent bacterial enzymes from growing. While black tea might turn your teeth brown, it actually helps your overall oral health.

Stroke: In 2009 Arab L et al conducted research into the effects of tea for strokes. Their research shows that people who drink 3 cups of black tea a day have 21% less chance of having a stroke.

The polyphenols in your favorite cup of black tea are powerful antioxidants that prevent DNA damage caused by smoking and other chemicals and toxins. Black tea offers a different kind of antioxidant to fruits and therefore should be included in your diet alongside other antioxidants (which you can find below).

Cancer: The research into the effects of black tea on cancer is far from conclusive. However, numerous studies have suggested that that catechins and antioxidants in tea could help prevent certain cancers. Women who drink black tea often are at lower risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Bones: Tea is full of phytochemicals which, when drunk frequently, helps strengthen your bones and prevent arthritis.

Researchers in the Mediterranean islands conducted studies into the effect of black tea on diabetes. They found that people who consume one to two cups of tea each day are 70% less likely to developer type 2 diabetes.

Stress: You already know that when you’re stressed a cup of black tea can help you to relax. That’s because of the L-theanine (an amino acid) found in black tea. It helps you to focus and to relax.

Immune System: The alkylamine antigens found in black tea are of benefit to your immune system, while the tannins help to fight off viruses.

Digestion: Tannins are also beneficial to your digestive tract, helping to relieve intestinal illnesses.

Energy: Definitely one of the better known health benefits of black tea is that it provides an energy boost.

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