American Cop Does What Any Decent Person Would. Internet Goes Nuts

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Kindness and compassion. Two of the most important traits in the world. And two traits that absolutely everyone should have. Yet somehow, the smallest acts of kindness are being treated as though they were saintly miracles.

What does it say about the world when the internet blows up over literally the smallest, most insignificant act of kindness?

Take, for instance, the case of one office in Idaho’s Mountain Home Police department.

Kyle Holloway was recently on patrol when he found a wheelchair-bound elderly man stuck out in a temperature of 102 degrees.

The man’s wheelchair was stuck.

What would you do in this situation?

You would offer to push the old man, right? Me too. So the fact that a police officer on duty did it is nice. It’s pleasant. And the guy is obviously a gentleman. But it wouldn’t be considered a great deed, would it? It’s not like Moses parting the seas or Ghandi, as a young Indian lawyer, refusing to comply with racial segregation and getting forcefully rejected from Pietermaritzburg, is it?

Kyle Holloway didn’t think so.

In an interview for Idaho news channel KTVB, Kyle Holloway says, “I did what any officer would have done”. I’d go so far as to say it’s what any decent person would have done.

Yet a picture of officer Holloway pushing the elderly man’s wheelchair has gone viral. And the world is acting as though this moment of kindness were so rare and so amazing and applauding him for his selflessness.

Selflessness? Doing one good deed while getting paid for it? And the world is amazed?

Here’s hte video.

The reporters are stunned by the act of kindness. But really, should kindness be so rare that it stuns people?

You have to question what it says about the society we’re living in when the whole world goes nuts about an on-duty police officer pushing an elderly person’s wheelchair.

Are we living at a time when everyone is so selfish that one tiny act of compassion is so unbelievable?

Yes, compassion and kindness are beautiful things. They’re traits all people should have. We shouldn’t be living in a world where kindness is so rare that so small a deed can make everyone stunned.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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